One aspect of life inexperience sometimes rears its ugly head is in marriage. A lot of couples who are newly married at the first years of their wedding make some mistakes which ordinarily, they would have avoided. These mistakes sometimes damage some marriages especially when it is not properly handled. If you are newly married, it will be to your advantage to take note of these common mistakes so that you will not repeat them. You don't have to be a victim of these mistakes before you can avoid them. Below are some of the top mistakes made by newlyweds which you can always avoided.

Avoid keeping scores of losses and wins

In every successful marriage, there are no winners and losers. The couples are the winners as well as the losers. If you keep scores of wins and losses, it all means that you are bearing grudges against each other and that is not fine for your wedding. Definitely, things will one day go wrong, but you don't have to apportion blames to your partner. However, this does not mean that you should not tell your partner the wrong he or she has done. You should not avoid arguing or debating some issues with your partner. However, when you are arguing with your partner, you have to do that fairly and effectively.

Don't pile up debts when you are newly wedded

During your first years of marriage, it is necessary that you avoid piling up debts. In fact, having too much debt in marriage is a marriage destroyer. So, you have to discuss your finance with your partner and then map out strategies on how to manage with what you have. Be careful with your credit card. If you are not able to control your expenditure, it may cause you some problem in the future. A lot of marriages have been broken as a result of lack of funds in the marriage. If you don't want lack of money to cause any problem in your relationship, then it is important that you avoid wracking up debts upon debts.

Never go to bed annoyed

This is one tip that you will definitely find in every successful marriage but unfortunately, it is difficult to keep. Excessive anger is the bane of many marriages. It can even destroy a marriage that has lasted for years. So, you should not make every effort to avoid going to bed annoyed with your wife or husband. There may be reasons for you to be annoyed with your partner, but no reason will justify going to bed while bearing grudges against your wife.

Don't think that marriage is rosy all the time

Many newlyweds have the wrong impression that marriage is rosy, fair and beautiful overtime. It is not. Sometimes, it is very thorny and sour and sometimes it is rosy, palatable and beautiful. Forget about what you are seeing in the movies. You will face the reality when you are married. But don't ever think that it is all rosy.

Don't tell your spouse a lie or fail to keep your promises

There is nothing that  breaks marriage than a lie. You should avoid telling your partner a lie no matter how small or negligible it may appear to be. If your partner finds out that you lied to him or her, you have forever destroyed the trust the person has in you. This is why you should avoid telling him or her any lie.