Top 10 Things People Love To Do

One of my favorite quotes read, ‘Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.’ Certainly, people are at their happiest state while doing what they like. If people are given freedom to do what they like, it will be interesting to find out top ten things they love to do.

We all are aware that human life is engulfed by all sorts of activities. Many such activities are wanted, many are unwanted. What we love to do depends mostly on time and mood. However, there are certain activities that are an all time favorite and occupies prominent place in top ten things people love to do. People derive maximum pleasure out of these activities.  

Here we present the top ten things people love to do, though not necessarily in that order.

1.                  Sleeping: Arguably, there is no activity that can match the pleasure derived from sleeping. This is the most preferred thing people love to do whenever possible and permissible. Probably, the hectic schedule and taxing way of life are two reasons behind this. It leaves us bone tired at the end of the day and a good spell of sleep can certainly put some life back into our bodies. A night’s sleep is much essential and most of us absolutely love to sleep even during daytime. A comfortable sleep can do wonders to our health and lives.

2.                  Listening to music: This is one of the top things people love to do. Listening to music does not demand any extra time at your disposal. Music can be listened to at any given time- whether you are working, driving, dining or just relaxing. Music creates a perfect ambience for any occasion and mood. Music can elevate your mind to a different world altogether; and this fantasizing quality of music actually puts it among the top ten things people love to do.

3.                  Reading: Waiting halls, parks, hotels, trains… bookworms are everywhere. Undoubtedly, people love to read. Millions of newspapers, magazines and books reach almost every home to satiate people’s thirst for reading. Unlike many other things that people love to do; this activity is imbued with a perfect dose of knowledge and entertainment. Moreover, it caters to all kinds of tastes and that’s why people love to read. 

4.                  Watching TV: Virtually, ‘idiot box’ brings everything to your drawing room. These days it has become smarter and offers myriads of programs and events to match choices of people across all ages and preferences. Of late, it has gone interactive and the breed of couch potatoes is only increasing every passing day. Watching TV has emerged as one of the most favorite activities of this century which is dominated by entertainment.

5.                  Playing: Once favorite pastimes of people has received a dent in its popularity due to the advent of electronic means of entertainment. However, it is difficult to take out the pleasure this activity gives to people, especially if performed with children. Our otherwise sedentary lifestyle has increased the importance of playing and added attraction to this activity. Simple outdoor games are still the best way to exercise and recreation. It is indeed one of the most enjoyable activities of all times.

6.                  Gossiping: Chatter mongers and gossip guzzlers are ubiquitous species. Mainly the forte of the women of the species, men equally love gossiping, though they don’t realise this. People are ready to go any length to have a good gossip. This activity can have all the ingredients of a pot boiler, suspense thriller and melodrama with twists and turns. Gossiping gives people a high that many other activities fail to give. There are many die hard gossipers to testify the fact.  

7.                  Arranging home: No doubt! Arranging your own home and putting everything in order is a sheer delight. Most of our days are spent running around for various reasons; and our house bears the brunt of our mismanagement. However, ensuring everything in its place and place for everything is a real feel-good act people love to do. The resultant of this activity gives immense satisfaction.   

8.                  Visiting old friends: Though, we often keep in touch and chat over phones, paying visit to our old friends is an absolutely loveable act. It brings back old memories, a bout of laughter and oodles of goodwill. Another reason for which people love this activity is the assurance that friendship gives.

9.                  Shopping: This is one of the top ten things people love to do for obvious reasons to splurge and spend. It gives the freedom to exercise your choice and pride of possessions. Shopping for absolutely anything, from small accessories to big household items, gives an inexplicable joy. Eating out after shopping turns out to be an icing on the cake.

10.             Idling: Various activities may give pleasure to people, but not doing anything is also an ‘act’ people love to do. In fact, some people are used to not doing anything and idling around. In other words, lazing around comes naturally to many people and they love to idle as long as they can.


These top ten things people love to do are the reflection of the human mind. Their study can throw a light on the intricacies of human behavior.


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