Top 10 Reasons Why People Don’t Take You Seriously

It feels bad when people don’t take you seriously. It has a cascading effect on your Self-esteem and growth. No body is perfect and human journey is a constant Endeavour towards perfection and personal development. Look around yourself and you would find people whom no one takes Seriously and maybe unfortunately that person is you. Some people emanate the aura around themselves that make them Rock while there are others who do not even ignite a spark. The truth is that everyone has their own list of preferences that do include the people they tend to ignore and indirectly these are the ones who are not taken seriously at all. Question is not if you are in someone’s list but question is in how many lists you get figured out.


Human Beings are emotional fools and you would hardly find anyone who thinks he is at fault. If you are being ignored the problem is not of the person in front but it is yours. If you are serious about yourself and your actions than there are no reason why other would treat you differently. You are a Personal Brand who needs to establish its identity to sell in a better way.


If you have a faintest of feeling that no one take you seriously than this article is for you. This happens with most of us at some point of time in our life. Magic is not hiding them or feeling ashamed about it but to get better of it. So look at Top 10 reasons and rate yourself on them. Sometimes looking at problems and weeding them out is much sane habit than to wander aimlessly for clue. There are plenty of posts and hack in this site that would help you get over them.


1)     You Talk Much– Admit it because I may not be the only one who is telling you that. It becomes worse when your words and sentences hold no depth. It is always wise habit to load your words with powerful meaning and fire them at appropriate time. Talking too much becomes more of a noise whom everyone tends to ignore. No doubt this can be sole reason why you are on their ignore list.

Hack– Control the urge inside and program yourself. At times it is preferable to talk only when you have solid points in your head. Talking just for the heck of it makes you look like a fool. Avoid it.


2)     You Think Less- Some people just spell out everything that comes to their mind. This at times not only hurt other people but also appears as sense less. No matter what is the discussion point, they end up saying or contributing something which is completely off the flow of normal conversation. A little thought on what needs to be said and how to make it rock can really change the game. So if people don’t take you seriously, watch what you talk for next few days and do not fail to notice their reaction.

Hack- Be very conscious when next time you attend a meeting or some party. Weigh your arguments and see if they really hold ground. If your arguments are completely off track or can be countered easily than avoid talking about it and look for next one.


3)     You Hate Listening- Some people just hate listening. Even when they seem to be attentive, they are lost in their own world. The other form is cutting conversation of other people and jumping from one point to another. This is not only annoying but also gives a lot of bad credit. Listening is one of the most effective skill which if used wisely has a huge potential to make you popular.

Hack- Read the Post Effective and Active Listening – Hack The Art


Top 10 Reasons Why People Dont Take You Seriously

4)     Your Ideas Are Shallow– Are your ideas well thought through or they are cooked up in a hurry. How much time do you invest in it? Do you talk just for the heck of it? Sometimes people contribution to topics is flawed and that makes them unpopular. This not only affects their personality but also ranking in the company. It is always advisable to give shape to ideas before bringing it to the table. How you generate or present your idea give you much desired authoritativeness.

Hack– A post on How to Generate Ideas is coming soon.


5)     You Are Not Up To Date- It always help your discussion if you present you ideas with relevant examples. There are people who come with flawed argument and then they try to support it with something which is not relevant with current scenario. You might feel this problem yourself when you are totally clueless about what is being talked about and in what forum. If you face such symptoms than there is a hard pressing need to keep yourself updated and walk with the time

Hack- The best hack is to read often and get involved. Make a habit to lookout for new things and try to incorporate them as part of your conversation. Soon you would see that you have much variety and examples to talk in current context.


6)     You Miss Co-Relation- The beauty of correlation comes in presenting scenarios which helps you win arguments. A plain stale talk with repetitive points generally makes people ignore and avoid you. The world is interwoven and applying the same in what you talk makes it look much impressive

Hack- Whenever you are about to present you point, always make sure to look for one or two examples which substantiate your point of view. Try to make your arguments solid and close all loop holes in it.


7)     You Are Not Hands On – The best way to bring substance in what you think and talk is to learn by getting yourself involved. There is no better training in this world than actually putting yourself in the situation and facing it. People normally face this when they have no clue about their own project and then they talk about something which looks stupid. In order to look and sound knowledgeable you need to understand the tricks of the trade. Practical experience scores way above the theoretical one.

Hack- Get involved with your seniors, juniors and peers. Never be afraid to get your hands dirty. The more you do thing on your own, the more you would learn about them.


8)     You Are Afraid To Learn- Some people run from responsibilities and look for alibis when any work is given to them. There are so many opportunities around waiting to be conquered but some people prefer to take a nap even in the middle of the day. They think no one would notice them but truth is that people quickly get hang of such things. Once you give such impression there no reason why people would ever take you seriously.

Hint- Learn new things and always give fodder to your brain. Keep you mind working because this is the mantra for growth.


9)     You Lack Enthusiasm- Do you lack enthusiasm? Does new work generate vigor in you? Do you respond to people with a sully look whenever you are being involved or asked for it? Do introspection and rate yourself in the work that was given to you last time. If you lack the enthusiasm than chances are people might be treating you at same level

Hack- Plan your day. Tell yourself “If I am gonna involved, I am gonna give my 100 percent”. Seek fun and passion in whatever you do. Try to make your work your best friend


10)You Don’t learn from Mistakes- How often you repeat the same behavior which is not expected out of you. Do you admit that that you were wrong and then you try to learn from it? How often you hide you mistakes. How often you give problems to others by repeating same things. You may not notice but once people have developed an impression about you, it takes a lot of effort to erase their memory

Hack- The biggest part is to admit your mistakes and then work hard not to repeat them again.  Control your urge and keep your actions in check. Ask your friends to remind you and write it out if it helps you.



Personal Development is all about enriching your life and actions with things which makes you successful in life. No matter what kind of behavior you have developed in your past, the good news is that once you have decided to focus on it there is no looking back. Realize that it is your fault if people don’t take you Seriously and this is something you need to focus on. Once you are game, there is nothing which can stop you from Rocking.

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  1. 11. The people you are dealing with are obnoxious,jealous imbeciles who invidiously disregard you in order to make your attempts to communicate with them more and more desperate.
    I find it best to call these people out and ask them why they're either a: being so deliberately obtuse and ignorant, or b:bring in a superior with you to back you up, letting the dunderhead know that he's the kitten and you are the panther. Grrrrrrr!
    Sometimes it's NOT a question of your approach being wrong, especially when professional jealousy and office politicking is involved.

  2. Nice article. Even though receptive to criticism, you are the 1st to tell me in such a thought provoking way. Something I always knew from friends, but your piece was a "bull's eye." Thanks for bringing me from "semi-unconscious incompetent" to "conscious incompetent." Moving to stage 2 with your tips

  3. And if you are with mental problem. =]

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