There are many barriers that affect the efficiency of an organization and Communication barriers in undoubtedly falls on the top of the list. The Top 10 examples of communication barriers in an organization or effective business communication barriers will provide you an insight into their existence and nature. The businesses are going global and hence there is an inherent need to eliminate such barriers that has the potential to affect the profitability of the businesses in the long run. Additionally it has deep impact into the morale and productivity of the workforce that can lead to problems of different nature.


The examples of effective communication barriers within an organization are the basic area that needs to be looked upon for the growth of not only the employees but the organization. These are the areas that act as hindrances and are often reason for inefficiencies. So let’s now look at these barriers and see their nature and the way they exist within an organization.


1.      Distance- Distance infact is major and first example of communication barrier that affect an organization. Offices located in different locations give little opportunity to people to interact in person and hence major business communication barrier exists between employees located in different offices.

2.      Language- Use of different language in office premises or across different location can act as major communication barrier. This example of communication barrier encompasses the bad language used within an organization too with intent to harm the feelings and create working gap.

3.      Culture- It is a challenging task at times to make people from different culture come close to each other. People prefer to live in the company of other people with known habits and traits. This is the reason culture act as barrier to effective communication within an organization.

4.      Attitude/Ego-Now everyone share the same nature and friendly attitude within an organization. Workplace personality conflicts arise because of habit and ego of people. These reasons again lead to communication barrier within an organization.

5.      Hierarchy-The presence of hierarchy within organization is another example of effective communication barrier. A common example – the People below the hierarchy generally find it difficult to approach and talk to their superior.

6.      Written Communication- Communication written badly without use of proper language generally leads to confusion and can act as barrier to communication. The difference verbal and written communication gets reflected in form of an example of communication barrier within an organization.

7.      Gender– Gender sometimes does act as a barrier to communication within an organization. People find it comfortable to talk, confide and relate to people from same gender and hence this leads to ineffective communication.

8.      Focus/Listening- Inability of employees to interpret the information or provide adequate focus leads to ineffective communication. The reason can be nature of subject or nature of employees but this example of communication barrier is very much pertinent.

9.      Knowledge-Inadequate knowledge within a function act as major hindrance when it concerns the communication within or outside the group. People with bad or poor functional knowledge generally pose problems within a group too

10. Relationship- Groupism, favoritism, friendship etc and many other similar sort of association is another example of communication barrier within an organization.


Many things happen to us naturally without our knowledge and existence of communication barriers is one of them. This does leads to a loss not at organizational level but at individual levels too. The top 10 examples of communication barriers is a checklist to help you improve in respective areas. Work on them and you would find the difference for yourself.



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