Top 10 Darling of Dreams is my funny experiment. I took this short survey within my team as one of the fun games recently. While everything started with Dreams you see with closed eyes, I thought to concentrate more on Dreams that you see with open eyes.  Frankly, I don’t remember my night dreams the moment I open my eyes. I have also seen people bluffing about their night dreams for various reasons which made me more cynical. While I don’t reject the notion of night dreams but I stayed away from it because of simple reason that I wanted to prevent any error.


The exercise was more of fun. In order to prevent my team members from copying, I asked them to write their dream below their name. As I next step I took the papers from everyone and started to read it. Everyone had to give a good reason along with some nice explanation of their dream. I could see people wrestling with their thoughts and finally zeroing on into something very pleasent.


Almost everyone had a unique answer in some way or the other with some funny explanations too.  This exercise also helped us to know many things about each other which I believe would be very helpful in future. So here the list goes from bottom to the top


10) Dream of being Healthy– It was not surprised here but was happy that we had sizeable chunk of people who care a lot about their health.  Most of the answers were around how they wanted to remain healthy and achieve perfect shape. They dream of everything around being healthy and see themselves achieving various milestones in coming years.

9)    Travelling around the world– I was surprised here but it scored over being healthy. There were many folks who wanted to visit the various parts of the world in order to see the beauty. They dreamt of tough and nice experiences and wanted to make those memorable moments more special.

8 )    Lifestyle– So we had some who dream of good lifestyle, want to go shopping, splurge, buy new trendy gadgets, well decorated home, etc. etc. There were numerous things on their list and I was amazed with the variety.



7)    Car and Bikes– I do have some young speed guns in my group and this was much to my expectations.  They dream, talk, eat, sleep and spend all their money on their car or bikes. Their Dream doesn’t end here because a new one is always on the radar.

6)    Fame– Folks do dream of fame in life. They have idols in life and they do work hard to be like them. Team members into sports, music, dance etc. opted for fame though in different format.

5)    Dream Girl or Boy– We do have people who look forward to a nice relationship and dream a lot about the unknown face. While they do felt shy about it but I appreciated the way they described the desired qualities and the future they look forward with their Mr/Ms Right.

4)    Success– People want to be the future CEO’s. They want themselves to rise up the corporate ladder and drive the company decisions. They want to be successful in their life and were eager to learn and excel in life. I separated this dream from others because it related much to success by learning the corporate tactics.

3)    Power– People dream of being powerful to move the world. They wanted to be in a position comparable to that of Obama. Even at local level they believe it is much easy to survive and achieve everything in life if you are powerful. Good contacts with liberty to enjoy everything gave many colors to this dream.

2)    Money– If you have this, you can get everything. Tons and tons of money in big rooms. Most of them not only talked about it but had the figures ready too. It didn’t matter to them how they would get it but they do dream constantly about it. They even talked about how they would like to spend a small portion of it and enjoy their life to the fullest.

1)    The WinnerSuperhero– People do dream about spiderman, superman etc. Though they did not want to be like comic heroes but they wanted to be perfect in everything. They wanted to have everything in the list above and also wanted to look smart about it. The responses here were amazing and innovativeness was at its peak.


This exercise revealed many things about everyone. I was amazed that how your personalities get shaped up in accordance to your dreams. I knew dreams are always the big motivator but never saw it into action in such a large group.


So the moral is- Do Dream in life and Cherish it. It has Power to change your life.

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