Have you ever given a serious thought on your barriers to personal growth and development that have always hindered your growth? Acknowledging that you have a problem is a first step towards its effective solution. But for most of people this never happens. These barriers unconsciously invade our willingness and secretly kill our personal development and growth initiatives. Even if we know the reason behind, sometimes there is no way to change the situation in hand. The barriers to Personal Growth and Development can be both external and internal but what is important is that in any form they change our lives against the way we want it to be.


 We all love to grow and prosper in our lives. Life is all about learning and improving on things that we know will take us higher. Personal growth and development initiatives are our step in same direction. It require a lot of discipline and persistence to acquire new skill but it only requires a small reason to drop everything and kill our growth. These small reasons are nothing but barriers that keep us away from goals that we want to achieve in our lives.


Let’s talk about 10 top barriers to personal growth and development and see how they influence us. It is important for us to recognize its existence and work on it. Realizing that we have a problem gives us a focus to take them head on.


1) Schedule– The biggest barrier is the way we schedule every minute in our day. We are so busy with our lives that it is very difficult for us to spare few moments on things that matter the most. Even if we have an urgent need to pursue a personal development and growth initiative our schedule may not permit us to do so. In all such scenarios it is required to do necessary assessment before striking out anything.


2) Lack of Planning– Sometimes we pick these initiatives randomly after getting inspired from different things. Such initiatives are short lived and we tend to drop them as other things catches up with us. This is clearly a result of lack of planning related to our personal growth and development initiatives. Planning help us to draw a proper plan and work on it rather than wasting different amount of energy at different point in time.


3) Resources- Even if we have a will, lack of resources can act as a hindrance to personal growth and development. Some initiatives require an investment or environment that is conducive to our growth. In such scenarios people are left with no other options but to drop such initiatives and look for things that can be sufficed in current environment.


4) Belief– Some people have been brought up in an environment or they have a strong belief that they don’t require any of the initiatives for their growth. It is in the mind that supremacy plays the vital role that prevents them to experience anything in their lives. Such beliefs are self destructive and take us a step back in our lives.


5) Seriousness- Taking a personal growth and development initiative may be the latest fashion or trend but sometimes people aren’t too serious about it. They would love to invest and start to work on it but lack of seriousness drops everything. A half hearted approach never takes a person too far.


6) Laziness- It happens with each one of us. Somewhere laziness creeps in and acts as most important barrier to personal growth and development. We may be enthusiastic to start with but soon laziness takes its toll and each miss make us lose more on our personal initiatives. It is infact the single most factors that hinders our growth.


7) Distractions- The world is full of distractions and these in itself act as barrier that can prevent us achieve different things in life. The distraction can be in any form but the important point is that the moment it occurs it has the potential to destroy all the good that has been invested. The more we let distractions creep in our schedule the more influence they exercise to upset the schedule.


8) Consistency- Some personal growth and development initiatives require consistency and they lose their literal meaning if we fail to catch up. Being consistent about what we learn in our life helps us enrich our experience with time. Lack of consistency is a prime factor that acts as the important barrier to our personal growth and development initiatives.


9) Environment- At times environment is conducive to our growth but at the same time the environment can act as barrier too. Where are we born, where we studied, where we are doing job, who are our friends, family etc. are many such factors that can act as barrier. The influence that various things in our environment exercise on us determines our approach towards such initiatives.


10) Timeliness- All things in this world have a time. They lose their meaning if they are done ahead of time or are done way after it was actually needed. In same way some initiatives are best done when they are in demand rather than to be done when they are not needed. They act as barrier because even if they hold a real meaning in itself, people tend to shun them just because they are no longer required or valued in the market.


We have such a short time in this world and wasting it is a sheer foolishness. Life is all about growing and getting ahead in our lives. It is a challenge that we take upon ourselves to do the impossible. The top 10 barriers to personal growth and development needs to be studied with care and if there is anything that is hindering your growth it should be tackled in a systematic and appropriate way.


Photo Credit-The Rictus

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