As we go about our daily routine, we socialize and meet with different people. Some of these people will eventually become our friends. Some will play important role in our lives. It is indeed good to meet people especially good ones. However, sometimes it comes with its pains. Sometimes in life, you have to leave people you love and friends. In certain situation especially when you are changing location, you may not see some people again. But circumstance beyond you makes it impossible for you to continue staying with them. You cannot but bid them farewell. Saying good bye can be very painful especially to people you may not see again. Here are tips on saying goodbye when parting from people.

Organize a small party for them

It is always good for people who are partying to feast and dine together before finally saying good bye to each other. Get some edibles ready for them. You must not empty your pocket when preparing for the feast. You can prepare some cookies and get one or two bottles of wine depending on the number of people you invited. But if you have enough money, you can throw big party for your friends.

Talk about nice time with them

Whether you are hosting a party or not, don’t just tell a person bye without telling the person how you cherish the time you have with them. Don’t talk about negative experience. Even if you want to share ugly experience make it to sound positive or as experience that help you to develop even though it may seem to be negative. Recalling your experiences might be tricky. So, it is better for you to take time and reflect over it so that you will be able to give correct account of what happened.

Be grateful

It is good to appreciate good gestures and goodwill. So, when bidding farewell remember to appreciate goodwill you received from those people. Thank them for it. If you invite many people or a send forth party is organized for you and you are speaking during the party, it is good to acknowledge people that play significant role in your life during your stay there. You must not mention every person’s name but key people in your life should be acknowledged.

Share your sad feeling about leaving

It is good that you when you are bidding farewell, you share your feeling about leaving the loved ones. Let them know how much you miss them and that you would have loved to stay if not because of the circumstances beyond your control. By sharing this with them, they will surely appreciate your openness and also miss you so much. As you are talking try to control yourself so that you will not burst into crying.

Leave gracefully

Some people part angrily or harshly from others. This is not the best thing to do. No matter the circumstances that prompted your leaving, it is good that you leave gracefully or with happiness. If you leave angrily, it is tantamount to leaving a sour taste in the mouth of those you are leaving and that is very bad.