One of the ways through which you can win the love and affection of a woman is to make her feel special and valued. Women are always happy when they discover that they are valued and treated as the special one by their partners. So, if you want to make your partner happy and fall greatly in love with you, it is important that you make her feel special. Here are some of the tips that you should apply in order to make her feel special.

Acknowledge special occasions

There are special occasions today during which people express their feelings, care and concern for their loved ones. If you want to make your woman feel great, it is important that you make these occasions really special for the woman. Whether it is Christmas, Valentine Day, New Year or her birthday celebration, you should try to buy her some gifts and special card for the celebration or season. You will make your woman feel special if you mark these occasions with some token of appreciation and love.

Don’t forget that her friends will definitely show her the gifts their partners buy for them and they will equally want her to show them the one you buy for her. It will be highly embarrassing to her if there is nothing to show or boast of. Some women who got no gift from their partner will unconsciously lie about it in order to protect their ego. But some bold ones will simply let them know that you did not buy any gift for her. But this is not the best thing for you.

Give thoughtful gifts

Yes, it is good to give your woman some gifts during special occasions. However, you should not buy anything you see in the market. Gifts are normally appreciated if they are valued by the receiver. People value things not necessary because of the cost but mainly because of their value and the purpose they serve. So, take time to think about a suitable and perfect gift your woman will value. She will be very happy and feel very special if you buy a valuable gift that serve some purpose for her.

Be proud of her before your friends

If you love your woman and she is important in your life, you have to be proud of her and make her know that. One of the best ways through which you can show her that you are proud of her is to mention her to your friends or be proud to introduce her as the love of your life to your friends. However, this does not mean that you have to do a broadcast about your love for her. You should only do that when it is necessary and when the occasion demands.

Celebrate special occasions in your life with her

If you value a person, definitely, you will always celebrate special occasions in your life with the person. If your woman is not yet living together with you, you should invite her and give her some key functions during your special occasion. You should make her get involved in your life or planning of the occasion. This will make her feel special.