One of the most beautiful and memorable events in one's life is getting married. However, organizing a grand wedding ceremony is always expensive as a lot of things are involved. But if you like, you can always do your wedding without spending much money and yet it will be fantastic and memorable. Having a court wedding is one of the ways of having a short but sweet wedding ceremony. If you are looking to organize a courthouse marriage, here are some steps to follow.

Obtaining a marriage license

The first thing that you should do is to obtain a marriage license. There are two main ways of getting courthouse marriage license. You can obtain it offline or online. If you want to obtain it online, just go to the website of your county and look for the probate. Under it you will find marriage license and then click on it to download the form. When the form is downloaded, fill the pdf form and submit. If you want to obtain the license offline, the county probate court is always open during the weekday. Go to the office and obtain your license.

Make the required payment

There is always a fee that is applied for the courthouse wedding ceremony and even for the license. The charge differs from state to state and so, find out what the cost is in your state and make the payment. Another factor that determines how much you will pay is whether you have completed the mandatory premarital educational program or not. You will pay more if you have not undertaken the course.

Gather all the necessary documents

There are some documents that you are required to provide during the ceremony. Such documents include your birth certificate, government approved photo identification, proof of termination of previous marriage if any  and marriage license.

Provide the witnesses

Witnesses are normally required in every marriage whether in court or in the church or mosque. The number of witnesses required in courthouse marriage is always particular to each state. So, before the wedding, you should find out the number of witnesses required in your state and then provide them. You and your witnesses are also required to sign the marriage license.

Schedule the date for the wedding

The last stage in the preparation of a courthouse wedding is to schedule the wedding ceremony. Meet the necessary authority in the court and make appointment for the wedding. There are some court that allows walk-in ceremonies. So, find out if that is allowed in your state.

The above tips are for courthouse wedding in the US.