Bitterness occurs as a result of excessive anger. It can give rise to a lot of unwanted behavior such as beating, quarreling and other kinds of domestic violence. Bitterness can result in marriage breakdown if it is not properly managed and controlled. Marriage is sweet but sometimes, some unpalatable issues in marriage make you or your partner to become bitter against each other. But it is necessary that you avoid it or learn tips on how to manage it. Below are some of the tips that you can apply in order to avoid it.

Tackle the problem from the root cause

Any act of bitterness towards one’s partner has a cause. If you really want to deal with it, you have to first of all discover the root cause. Some people make the mistake of dealing with the consequences of bitterness without dealing with its cause. If you deal with the consequences successfully, you will still experience them again. But if you deal with the problem from root cause or the cause, the consequences will naturally die off the problem will end completely.

Seek the help of the divine

Bitterness sometimes can be a habit which cannot be easily stopped. If the bitterness is a habit, you need divine help to control it. Call on whatever Being that you worship to help you deal with the problem or put an end to it. For Christians as well as Moslems, there is the belief that whatever you ask Good or Allah in prayer with faith, it will be done as you asked. Probably, other religions may have similar belief. The point here is that if you belief in any supernatural being, you should ask the being for help to deal with bitter.

Consider your partner

In marriage, there is always the need for partners to make themselves happy. So, in whatever, you are doing, you should always try to make your partner. The best way to do that is to always consider him or her and do things that will make him or her happy. Avoid doing those things or anything that will make  them to be annoyed. If you keep annoying your spouse, you will end up making him or her to have bitterness in him or her about your ugly behavior. This is why you should things that will make him or her happy.

Learn how to forgive

Bitterness also results inability to forgive a wrongdoing. If you are not able to forgive your partner his or her wrong behavior, you will eventually bear grudges against the person. You will definitely quarrel with your partner for one thing or other. But after the quarrel if you are wronged, try to forgive your partner before sleeping whether he or she asked for the forgiveness. If you are able to forgive your partner after a quarrel or for his or her wrongs, there will be no bitterness in your mind.