When you were a kid, definitely, you were bedwetting. Some parents wetted the bed even till adolescent. But gradually and with the assistance of their parents, they were able to overcome it. Unfortunately, some of them beat the hell out of their children for bedwetting. They behave as if they did not wet the bed for a day when they were small. One thing that you should bear at the tip of your finger is that no child will wet the bed during sleep intentionally. Secondly, there are a number of factors that will cause a child to wet the bed during the night.
If there is anything to be attacked about bedwetting or enuresis, it is not the child but these factors that cause the child to wet the bed. So, if you eliminate these factors, the child will gradually stop it. But leave the factors and beat the child, you will end up causing the child some emotional trauma. It is not even unnatural for a child to wet bed during the night at a particular age. If your child is wetting bed, here are some tips to help the child to stop bedwetting.
Speak with your child
The first thing you should do is to speak with your child with a gentle voice. Let him or her know that what is happening to him or she is natural but it can be avoided. Encourage him to abide by your instruction as a means of stopping it. The child will understand you and see you as offering some help rather than as coming to punish.
Check if the child is stressed
Stress is one of the factors that can cause a child to urinate unknowingly while sleeping either at night or during the day. Take a look at the child’s activities during the day to see how he or she passes the day. If he or she plays a lot, chances that he or she will wet the bed at night will be high. This is because after playing too much during the day, he or she may be very tired at night and sleep soundly without waking up to answer the nature calls. The same applies, if you over labour the child with some domestic work. They child will be stressed up and tends to sleep deeply at night. So, help the child to get rid of stress and anxiety before you move to other strategy.
Don’t give him or her drink few hours before bed time
Make sure that the child takes enough water during the day. But you should stop giving the child any water some hours before he or she goes to bed. This will keep them hydrated and yet reduce the urge to urinate at night.
Let the child change his or her clothes when she wet
When your child is wet at night, don’t change her clothes by yourself. Let the child do it by himself or herself. But still be gentle and sympathetic. Changing the clothes will help the child to make effort to stop it and see himself or herself as adult rather than a child. Leave a low light on to enable the child see the way to the toilet at night in case he or she wakes up at night to answer nature.
With these tips, you will be able to help your child to stop bedwetting.