Every living being has to eat in order to live strongly. Unlike other living beings, human beings take time to prepare their meals. Some dishes take up to 2 hours to be prepared and cooked. Indeed, it can be very stressful and time consuming to prepare human beings food. Even if you are the best cook in the world, you will still have to deny yourself some comfort in order to shop, prepare and cook your food. We spend greater time of our free time at home in order to cook our foods. There are a lot of people out there, who are not able to withstand the stress involved in cook. Rather than preparing their own foods by themselves, they will prefer to eat out. We have put up tips that will help you to plan your weekly meal easily.

Step one

This is the planning and gathering of recipes stage. You have to take time to choose your favorite dishes for the week and their recipes. List all the dishes that you will like to eat for the week. When trying to list your favorite dishes, your brain may become empty. You may not be able to remember anything. You have to make use of the internet if you have become brain-dead when you try to list your favorite dishes. Having listed the various dishes you will like to eat for the week, the next thing you should do is to list the ingredients required for each dish. Beside each dish, write down all the ingredients you will require to prepare it. In this way, you will not forget any of them when you will shop for ingredients. However, while choosing your recipe and dishes above, you should make healthy choices. Choose more of organically produced foods and reduce your consumption of processed foods.

Step two 

The step is the planning of daily menu. You have to carry out this stage after carrying out the previous stage. Draw a table of four columns or more depending on the number of times you like eating in a day. The first column is for the days of the week, the second column should be for breakfast while the third and fourth column should be for lunch and dinner respectively. Filled the column appropriate lie from the list of the dishes you have made already. As you are choosing the dishes for each meal, you should bear in mind that some foods are better taken as breakfast than as lunch. For example, you need more of light foods in the morning, heavy foods for lunch and light food for dinner.

Step three

This is the time you shop for the ingredients that you don't have. You have to check you kitchen with the list of the ingredients to find out those ingredients that are not there in your kitchen. Order for them all the ingredients you will require for the week. So, it is better you plan for the next week on a Saturday so that you can make out time on do the shopping. You can go to a nearby grocery or order online if you are sure that your purchases will get to you within 24 hours. When you have got the ingredients, keep them where they will be safe and out of the reach of little children.

Step four

The final step is the preparation and cooking step. This step for some people especially those whose work take much of their time is the hardest step. It is better to prepare your meal at the eve of the Sunday after your shopping. Cook foods that you will eat almost every day of the eat with large pots and refrigerate it. So, when it is time to eat, you should bring out the portion you will require and keep the rest back to the refrigerator. Microwave the food and enjoy. In this way, you will have to be cooking every time of the week.