Indeed, it can be very challenging to a learn a new language especially as an adult. This is because you are already at home with your local language. One of the problems people learning new languages do have is to think in their local language rather than thinking in the new language they are learning. They attempt imposing their local language structure on the new language they are learning. One thing that you should bear in mind is that every language is unique and idiomatic, meaning that you have to learn the grammar, structure and words of the new language and use them as the owners of the language use them otherwise you will end up confusing people and using wrong grammar.  If you are learning a new language, here are some tips that you can apply to help you learn it correctly. 

Use Mnemonics to Link Words

The use of mnemonics to link words normally called LinkWord technique words is a method popularized and formalized by Dr. Michael Gruneberg. Using this method will help you to grow your vocabulary in the new language you are learning. A person requires to master about 1000 words of a language before the person will be able to use the language. It is believed that the linkword technique will help a person to master about 1000 words of a new language just in about 10 hours. The method is all about linking word in your local language with a word in the new language you are learning using images.

Town Language Mnemonic

This method combines the method described above with a Roman Rome system variant. The effectiveness of this method bases on the fact that there is a relationship between our everyday experiences and words used in expressing them. If you are using this method, you have to pick a town that is very familiar to you. Utilise objects in this town to remember images that relates to the foreign words. These methods can be used to learn both noun and adjectives as well as well verbs. For example, actions verbs such as walk, ski, bike, run, swim, and others can be used to link with places like stadium, play field and others.

Try speaking the language always

The trick to learning a new language is to speak the language on regular basis. If you are learning a new language and you don't create avenues of speaking it, then you will not improve in your use of the language. Whether you are living among native speakers or not, you can still create the avenues of speaking the language by yourself. There are different ways of achieving that. Talk to yourself in the new language you are learning. Think in the new language you are learning. If you want to go and take your bath in the morning for example, you can say it in the new language language you are learning. Listen to news and watch films created with the new language you are learning. By so doing, you will gradually master the language without knowing.