If you are selling your product from Amazon, it is important that you get in front of the millions of online surfers that visit Amazon on daily basis. You should not overlook the fact that many businesses and individuals are listing their products for sale on Amazon. This intensifies the competition. It is therefore pertinent that you put up the best practices in order to increase your sales through the site. There are some key factors that you should look into if you want to generate more sales from the site.


Having more product listed

Your chances of selling your product will be higher if you are able to list more products on the site. Based on the recommendation of Amazon, you can list up to 40 products for sale on the site. This will increase the possibility of your products showing up in the search path of the potential buyers.


Aim at becoming a featured merchant and winning the buy box for your product

As it has been said above, many businesses and individuals are listing their products for sale on the site. Given this, it is possible for several sellers to list the same products. If you want to win the buy box listing, then you have to become a professional seller. This is because becoming a professional seller qualifies you to be a featured merchant and thus eligible for vying for the buy box listing.

In order to win the buy box listing, there are certain criteria that you have to meet. Amazon considers a lot of things before deciding on who qualifies for the buy box list. Some of the things that are being considered are:

·         Your product reviews

·         Your delivery rate

·         Customer services

·         Your over all order defect rate

·         Your time and experience in participating in the marketplace of Amazon and many more.

So, if you want to win the buy box list, you should try to excel in all the above areas.




Create a search friendly product description

Though Amazon.com enjoy high search engine ranking, you should help yourself more by creating a search friendly product description. If your product description is search friendly, online surfers will easily find your product on Amazon. This means that you will entertain huge traffic and possible make more sales.


Generate great customer reviews

Amazon allows consumers to leave their feedback on the product they purchase. You should provide consumers exactly with what they ordered for so that they will leave great feedback for you.