There is the tendency for some parents who are divorced to think that babies will easily cope with the experience of not living with either of the parents than old children or teenagers. The truth that you should know is that little children are also affected by the stress their parents are passing through. So, your condition or whatever stress you are undergoing during and after divorce also affects your kids. It is estimated that over one million children found themselves in families where parents are separated or divorce. If you are undergoing stress and you have little children, here are some tips that you can apply in order to help your children to cope with the experience.

Anticipate the reactions of your baby

The preoccupation and anxiety of a parent can affect an infant making the child to become fearful, aggressive and irritable. It can also negatively affect the development of the child and makes the child to have sleep difficulty, separation anxiety and gastrointestinal problems.  Though a baby of 6 to 8 months can suffer separation anxiety even when there is no trauma, but divorce most likely increases the chances of a baby to suffer from separation anxiety. Signs of separation anxiety include crying as the parent goes out, clinginess and skittishness around unfamiliar places and faces. So, if you are undergoing divorce and you have a little child, you should anticipate these reactions.

Provide for the needs of your child

It can really be very difficult for a parent undergoing divorce to manage the stress associated with it and still be able to provide for the needs of the child. However, you should try your possible best to give attention to the feelings of your baby and provide your baby’s needs. Don’t allow the condition at home to affect the daily routine of your baby. Reassure the baby of the parents’ love and care. Some parents make the mistakes of emphasising their own love and care. But this should not be the case. You should let the child know that you and your partner care about him.

You should always ensure that you talk to the child with caring and touching voice. Your soft and tender voice will help the child a lot. There is nothing that comforts and soothes like soft voice.

Look after yourself

Looking after your baby and looking after yourself go together. So, you should give time also to your emotional and physical needs. This is because if you are physically or emotionally not strong, you will not be able to look after your child. The situation will become worse for the child. This is why you should look after yourself. Look for a therapist for a counselling session. Undergoing a counselling session will help you to be emotionally strong.

Visit a paediatrician

Your paediatrician will help your child and you to cope and pass through the emotional stress associated with divorce. Paediatricians are experts in child health and development. They will be able to apply their expertise in helping the child to be physically and emotionally strong.