The importance of communication in every marital relationship cannot be overemphasized. Poor communication among married couples is one of the major causes of marital problems today. It can lead to misunderstand, misinterpretation of action and misinformation. Some of the quarrels that ensue among husbands and wives are as result of poor improper or poor communication. In other words, you can avoid a lot of problems in your marriage by improving how you communicate with your woman. Any of the partners can be the cause of poor communication. Here are some of the tips that you can apply to enhance communication between you and your partner.

Don’t assume that he understands you

Presumption is one of the poor communication techniques. In effective communication, one does not have to presume or assume that the other person hears and understands them. When you are talking to your partner, it is important that you make sure he or she hears and understands what you are saying. The best way to ensure that you are heard and understood is to ensure that your partner is giving you undivided attention when you are talking to him or her. You can call him or her by a pet name or touch the person before talking.

Communicate clearly and precisely

Clarity and precision are two factors that make for effective communication. When talking with your partner especially on important issues, you have to hit the nail at the head. Go straight to your point and talk clearly. Clarity here means talking with language he or she will understand very well. Even if you people are speaking the same language, you don’t have to talk in parables or using specialized language the only can understand. If you speak with language only you can understand, then you have done nothing because the person will not follow.

Pay attention to your partner

Listening is virtue. You have to build up that virtue and cultivate it as a habit. One thing you should understand is that communication is not one way traffic, it is a two way traffic. When you are communicating with a person, it is not good that you give the person half attention. As you expect the person to give you attention so does your partner expects you to give him or her your attention. If your spouse is talking to you, stop whatever you are doing and listen to him or her. For example, if you’re are watching a movie or your favorite program and your spouse is talking to you, it is advisable that you stop what you are doing and pay attention to him or her. If the program is so interesting that you cannot stop, you should ask for his or her excuse to complete the program and then listen to him or her. But that can sometime be annoying especially if the person has something more important to tell you

Be humorous

Bring sense of humor in your communication especially when you people are exchanging pleasantries. Try to make your partner laugh and be happy as you are conversing.