If you are moving office, you will have a lot of items to deal with. Definitely, during the packing stage, your office will be cluttered with a lot of things. You can be confused at the initial time on where and how to start de-cluttering your office in readiness for packing. If your office is cluttered, the tips given below will enable you to clear it and have it well arranged on time whether you are moving office or not.

Start on time and take your time

The keep to a perfect office de-cluttering is early beginning. You have to start on time to get rid of unwanted clutter from your office. Remember that such a project is time consuming and slow job. As such, it should not be done at the last minute or 11th hour if you want to achieve any result. Any shortcuts will not give you any positive results. This is why you should begin on time. Don't expect to achieve any reliable result overnight. It is a slow and steady wins the race type of job. If you don't start on time, you will definitely move to your new office with clutters.

Set deadline:

Yes, office de-cluttering is a slow and steady type of job. But this does not mean that you will take eternity to complete it. You have to set deadline on when to complete the project and stick to your deadline. But you have to set a realistic deadline depending on the size of your office, how organize it has been and the amount of clutters you have. If your office is large with lots of clutters, then you will require more days to de-clutter it. But if it is not large and you have not got much clutters in your office, you will only require a few days of work to get the work done. So, regarding the deadline, you should allow your instinct to guide you. When setting your deadline, you should also consider how long you have left for you to move your office.

Start with your files and documents

Take time to go through the files and documents. Bring out those that you no longer use or you will not require again for disposals. There are also those that you will not require but they will be useful for future references. Keep them one side. Then keep those that you will require one side for your business operation one side. Move over to the books in your office. Pack only those that you need. Those that you no longer need, you should consider dashing them out or disposing them. You can also recycle them if they are not useful again to you.


If you have electronics such as TV and musical sets as well as computers, you should determine whether you will require them in your new office or not. You are not going require them again in your office or you prefer buying a new one with improved features, you should consider selling them off or donating them to charities. However, before you dash them out, you should ensure that they do not contain any sensitive data. Delete any sensitive data in the system before giving them out.


Furniture here includes desk, storage units, chairs and others. Most businesses moving office use that as opportunity to acquire new furniture or change the old ones. If you acquire new ones for your new office, then you have to sell off your old one, dash them to your staff who may need it or give them out to charities.

Other items to check are:

Office supplies and stationeries


Electrical devices