When you are moving house or office, you will require some packing supplies unless you hire full-service that include packing service in which case, the service provider will provide the packing supplies for you. But if you are not going to require any packing assistance, you will surely have to buy moving supplies. They are not like groceries or other items you buy on regular basis that you have become used to it. To enable you get the right moving supplies and at good price, we have put up a number of tips. Here are some of the tips to apply when it is time for you to order for moving supplies.


Know more about moving boxes

Boxes are the most essential of all moving and packing supplies. You should always ensure that you purchase the right size as well as the right type of moving and packing. So, the first step in getting the right box type is to know the available sizes and types. Moving boxes are available in a number of types such as standard boxes, wardrobe boxes, picture boxes and dish pack boxes. These boxes are used for the packing of various items. Make sure that you get the right type suitable for the item you will like to pack in them.


Searching for free packing boxes

If you are ob budget, you should consider searching for free packing boxes. There are different ways of getting free packing boxes which many movers many not be aware of. First, you can begin your search for free boxes by asking your friends, colleagues, family members and relatives who have moved houses or offices before. It is likely that they will have cartons and other packing supplies left in their closet which they will not require again or they are looking for a means to dispose of. They will be willing to give them out to you. 


You can also post such request on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and others. Friends that have will or know where you will find some free of charge will definitely help you out.


Check retail outlet

Retail outlet like the supermarkets, departmental store, alcohol stores and the likes normally have a lot of packing cartons that they will like to dispose of. Their orders come in boxes and after displaying them on the counters, they dispose the cartons or boxes used in shipping the items. If you are lucky to find a retail store that just received new order.  They will be willing to provide you such cartons free of charge. However, some retail outlet may charge you some money but it is still cheaper than buying used or new ones.


Buy used moving boxes

Used moving boxes are options for people that are on budget. You will find them in a number of online sources like Boomerang Boxes. Used packing boxes are good shape. You can use them to pack your items if you buy them. After using them, you may also sell them back to the site if they are still in good condition.


Shop online warehouse prices

There are a number of online warehouses that sell packing supplies and boxes at a reasonable price. Most of them do not charge anything for shipping. It is better to buy from such establishment than to buy from your local office supply stores.


Buy in large quantity

Buying in large quantity is a good means of getting discount. You should therefore buy enough moving boxes. Besides, it recommendable that you have as many moving boxes as possible. However, in order to avoid waste of money, you should agree with the seller that you will return surplus boxes and get refund.