There are numerous searches about tips on how to buy airline tickets at affordable price. Indeed, you are on the right track, if you are looking for ways on how to get low cost flight tickets. In this hard time, nobody will actually like to lose money or spend too much money on what he or she can get at a low cost. Here are some of the tips that you can apply that will enable you to obtain your flight ticket at affordable price.

Start planning on time

Once you know that you will travel, you should start planning for the travel in advance. Browse the websites of various airlines and their agents or the websites of popular traveling agents that offer flight ticket booking services. Sign up for newsletter and email alerts in order to know when there is discount tickets. If you get any alert about discount tickets, you should plan to travel during this period so that you will cut cost on your flight ticket.

Book the flight ticket at the best time

Most airlines give discounts to people that book 3 to 5 months in advance. So, when you decide on the airline to use, find out which time is the best to buy their flight tickets. Try buying your flight tickets during these periods. You will surely get discounts on your tickets.

Don’t travel during the peak period

Flights tickets are normally costly during the peak periods. Unless you have earlier obtained your flights before this period, if you are looking for affordable ticket, you should try to travel outside the peak period so that you will not spend too much on your flight tickets. However, if you are going for a holiday, this may cause you some inconvenience because the holiday period is almost the peak period. It is during this period that the weather is conducive for holidaymakers.

Buy your going and return tickets at the same time

It is always cheaper to buy going and return tickets at the same time for international flights. Many airlines give discounts to travelers that purchase both their going and return tickets at the same time as a means of rewarding their loyalty and also getting more customers. If you are looking for a good bargain for your flight ticket, you should consider buying both your going and return tickets from one airlines. You will surely get some discounts for that.

Ask for student discount

If you are travelling for studies, you should ask for discount. Most airlines also give discounts to students. It is therefore left for you to look for an international airline that gives students discount and then demand for your tickets.


Buying from a consolidator

Buying from a consolidator is another good means of getting discount on your flight tickets. This is because consolidators buy bulk tickets and sell to travelers at discount prices. So, buying from them will help you to cut cost on your flight tickets.