The reason why most men enter marital relationship is because they need a woman in their life to keep them company. It is not all that enter marriage have procreation in mind after all there are many married couples that prefer not to grow children. But the need for a companion is always paramount. However, experience has shown that not all people that enter into marital relationship are satisfied with their partners. Simply put, their wives are not good companion to them. You may love a person and the person also loves you, but much will still be left to be desired in the relationship if any of the partners is not a good companion. As a married woman, you should be a good companion to your husband. Below are some of the steps that you should follow in order to be a good companion to your husband.

Always try to be around him

Availability to a loved is one of the things that make for a good companionship. For some women, the issue of availability should not come in since they are living together with their husband. Living in the same house with a person is not the same with being available to the person. Yes, you are living in the same house with your husband but you should transcend to the level of availability. Be around him always. Watch his favorite programs with him, eat with him, sleep with him, hang out with him when possible and in fact make him feel your presence in his life. Always call him when he is out for work. When he comes back, ask him how his day was.

Be a comforter also

Being a good companion also entails being a good comforter. At times in your marital life, things may not turn out the way your husband plans them, He may likely encounter some misfortunes. These are moments he needs a companion. You should comfort him and be his source of hope. Encourage him always and give him hope. Make him believe that it will get better soon.

Make him feel like man

There is always a sense of authority innate in every man. This explains why men want to take the lead. This sense of ego and authority is different from gender abuse. As a woman, you should always make your husband feel like a man or give him that respect even if you are not the bread winner of the family. Do not command your husband, nag or henpeck him.  Such behaviors annoy men and can push them into domestic violence.

Give him attention and good loving

Action they say speak louder than words. This saying is also applicable in relationship. If you say that you love your husband, then show him that you love him by giving him strong attention and good loving. Do Give him surprises and show him that you are happy having him in your life by doing special things for him. 

The above are some of the tips that you should apply in order to be a good husband.