As a wife, you should take good care of your husband and make him happy everyday. You don't to need any other other thing outside of you in order to make him happy and proud of you. Sweet words are the only thing you need to do that. Men are always pleased by their wives if they are able to touch their emotional lives. You can touch the emotion of your husband by telling him things he will like to hear. Here are some of the sweet words you should tell your husband everyday in order to make him or her happy.


You are my hero

Naturally, men want their wives to totally depend on them. They are happy when they do things for their wives. You can always satisfy their desire in men to be the hero and provider of their partners by letting him know that even when he has not fully live up to the expectation. Just tell him every that he is your hero. This will inspire him to his best for you. He will definitely be happy with you. It is also a mark of respect for the man. 


I believe in you

We face difficult challenges in life which are sometimes inevitable. But during these trying moments, words of encouragement from a loved one or even friend can help up to muster courage and tackle the problem efficiently and effectively. The truth is that if we are encouraged, we tend to achieve better result than when we are not encouraged. If your husband is facing some trying moment or difficult situation, you can help him to master courage by telling him these sweet words, "I believe in you." With such a word, you can help him to build up courage and turn his failure into success.


I value your leadership

As it was mentioned above, men naturally want to be the leader of their families. He is always ready to take up challenges and battle insecurity in order to be a true leader of his family and significant other. You can help him to go the extra mile by encouraging him and praising him leadership with these sweet words, "I value your leader." If you praise him and encourage, it creates impression in him that his good works are being acknowledged and appreciated and this will move him into doing more in order to be appreciated.


I Admire you so much


There is always one thing your husband do very well. Find it out and blow it out of proportion! There is the tendency for most women to concentrate on the downside or failures of their husband disregarding completely their positive aspect. But highlighting the negative will worsen the situation. It may make your husband to have a low self esteem. But you can ignite him and move him up by highlighting his positive aspects which he may not even know. Telling him that you admire him so much is a veritable means of making him know that he has something good in him.


Appreciate your love and care

There is no person who does not want to be appreciated. If you appreciate somebody for something good, you are encouraging the person to do more or to continue in the good work. So, make sure that you appreciate your husband on daily basis. You can tell him that the work you are doing in the family making sure that everybody's need is taken care of is quite amazing. I am grateful more than you know.


The above are some of the things you should tell your husband everyday in order to make him happy and encourage him to continue in his work as a man.