Job Interview or any other type of interview is a very serious affair. It has its rules and regulations and thus it should be taken seriously. It is an oral discussion an employer had with a prospective employee or job applicant in order to determine the suitability of the applicant for the post applied for. In other words, it is through the interview that your would be employer or the interviewer will determine your suitability for the post. If you do well in it, then you will get employed and if you don't do well, you will not be employed. The interview does not just test your skills for the work, there are other things you are tested on such as punctuality, neatness, manner of speech, gentility, sense of responsibility and others. So, it is important that go the extra mile in order to please your employer owing to the fact that job vacancies are very scarce nowadays and there are many applicants for the few available vacancies. If you are going for an interview, there are things you are expected to come with and things you should not come with. We have dealt with the former in the previous article, here we will be looking at what you should not bring to an interview. Here are certain things that you should not come to interview with.

  • Turn off your mobile phone or leave it at home: As it has been said above, interview is an oral discussion or examination meant to test your suitability for a job post and thus, it does not require any distraction. The worst thing that can happen to you during an interview is for your phone to ring when you are talking with your prospective employer or interviewer. It shows that you have no sense of decency, responsibility and respect as well as not being serious with serious things and thus not suitable for the post. Therefore while come to an interview, you should keep you cell phone at home and if you must come with it, then you have to turn it off during the interview so that nothing will distract you. In fact, the ideal thing to do is to put it off 5 minutes, you go in for the interview. It is not even the best to put it off before your interviewer. If you forget to put it off and it rings when you are already seated for the interview, don't receive the call.
  • Don't carry an awkward or large briefcase to an interview: It is good to go for an interview with a briefcase or your portfolio. However, it is not every type of briefcase that is suitable for an interview. Large briefcases are not good for interview. You are being scored in an interview for dressing and appearance. Your briefcase is part of your dressing and thus, it is important that you appear with a nice and portable one rather than appearing with one that will make you look awkward or appear as if you are traveling or going for a picnic. Such large briefcases do not just make you appear awkward in your dressing but it will also distract you from the interview.
  • Don't go in for interview with a companion unless you are asked to: Interview is a private discussion you have with your interviewer or prospective employer. There may be panel or multiple of interviewers and it may take different form. But one thing is common. It is a private affairs between you and the interviewer though the interviewer may decide to interview several people at the same time. So, when it is turn for you to be interviewed, you don't have to come in with a companion even if it is your son, best friend, wife, sibling or parent. The person may remain in the car or wait in the visitor's room until you are done with the interview.

Other things that you should not bring in to an interview session are

  • umbrella
  • books, magazines and newspapers that have nothing to do with the interview
  • a cap or hat
  • gum or candy
  • coffee, soda or bottled water (unless for medical reasons)

Note: If you are tattooed in a visible part of your body, it is important that you were a clothe that will cover it.