You know how much you love your girlfriend, but the question is- does she know that? We often take our relationships for granted and forget to nurture it. There are so many sweet things to say to your girlfriend which will not only make your relationship healthier but also will nourish it. Every one of us like romanticism, we love to hear sweet things form our beloved ones; we love to get pampered by them. Whether she expresses it or not when you praise about her beauty or say something romantic she feels flattered, of course she does and it is same for every girl. It is not that you have to take a lot of preparation for saying some sweet things to your girlfriend. You can say it any time.  In fact try to make it a habit.


List of things to say to your girlfriend:

If you are not an expert on handling relationship, then you might be wondering- what are the things I suppose to say to my girlfriend? You may be talk about every single thing that happens to your life, but do you tell her what she wants to hear from you? Here is a list of things to say to your girlfriend that she would love to hear from you:

©      I love you: this is the most wonderful thing to say to your girlfriend. Maybe she already knows how much you love her. Still, tell her this most beautiful sentence of the world every day. She wants to hear it from you; she loves to hear it from you!

©      You mean the world to me: saying this implies how much she means to you. It reveals your love and obsession about her. Every girl wants her boyfriend to be obsessed about her. Let her know about this obsession.

©      My life is incomplete without you:  if you are truly in love, then you know how true these words are. You know without her your life will be meaningless. You cannot even think of a life without her. Let her know these feeling as well. This will make the bonding of your relationship stronger.

©      No matter what, I’ll always be there for you:  it makes her feel safe and secure about your relationship. Girls like those guys who care about them, who support them and always willing to be there for them in any case.  If you believe that you will be her side no matter what, then why not to speak it out!

©      I always want you to be there for me: it gives her the feeling that how much she means to you. By saying so you are expressing that you need her beside you as well. When a guy is in love with a girl, he also wants the support and appreciation of his girlfriend in every step of his life, just the way a girl does. Let her know that.

©      Build me up, buttercup: this really a cute thing to say to your girlfriend. If you ever unintentionally hurt your girlfriend then this can be a great way of making that up. Buttercup is one of the cutest things to call your girlfriend and you are telling your buttercup to forgive you and build you the way she wants you to be, so that she would never get hurt by you again.

©      You are the most beautiful girl of the entire world: she would know that you are trying to pamper her, however, believe me, she will be delighted. When you are in love with someone, it is love that makes her most beautiful in your eyes. No other girl looks as beautiful as she does. Saying this word to your girlfriend means that you are truly, madly and deeply in love with her. You are proud to be her boyfriend.

©      I miss you:  last but not the least, say I miss you, whenever you are away from your girlfriend. I’m sure you do miss her a lot. Let her know what is inside your mind. This sentence is a perfect mixture of love and grief. It gives us the feeling of misery with a flavor of love. Perhaps she already knows that you miss her, nevertheless hearing this words from your voice will make her feel better.


These are some of the suggestions of things to say to your girlfriend from my side. A true lover would not find it hard to say these things to her girlfriend frequently. More importantly you relationship demands to say these things to your beloved girlfriend.  It is not that saying all these things to your girlfriend will make everything perfect, but it will definitely make everything a lot easier and better.

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