After current economic recession asking for a raise might sound strange. The truth, if you are confident about your performance and think you should get a raise then the time is not bad at all. You have to concentrate on the list of “things to do”- before asking for a raise. Often people possess a wrong conception regarding asking for a rage. They think asking for a rage might make a wrong or bad impression on their boss, which is partially true if you are not at all at the position of getting a raise. However, if you are an efficient employee and have good performance record for last couple of years or longer, it is not at all a bad idea if you want to ask for a raise. As it is about your career, there is nothing wrong with making the first move.


Before asking for a raise you should thoroughly prepare yourself. Otherwise, it may back-fire your plan. Here are some few tips on- things to do before asking for a rage:


·        Performance check: Checking your performance profile is the first thing you need to do before asking for a raise. You need to have every single high profile performance of yours on your mind. Most of the bosses are too busy to keep a track on their employees’ working profile. So you have to present you own profile on a very positive and convincing tone before him. I would recommend you to make a list of every detail, include the thing you have successfully accomplished during last year for the company, the projects you competently completed within the deadline or may be ahead of time, contribution of yourself on the revenue earning etc.

·        Be sure about you high performance: Before asking for a rage you need to be sure that you and your boss are on the same pace about your performance. It is not enough if you think you deserve a raise because of your high performance and dedicated contribution for the company, even if it is very true. Your boss needs to feel that as well. So try to find out some simple clues like any complement that your boss made about your performance, or he mentioned you as a positive example to other employees. You have to have some performance that is dazzling enough to get a raise and your boss needs to be aware of that as well.

·        Make a strategy: Make a strategy of when and how you are going to ask for the rage. Asking for a rage in a random evening is not a good idea. You have to pick a good time, like after a meeting of year-end review where you achieved a good impression or after the completion of successful worth to mention project. If you have a well-made plan of how you are going to approach your boss regarding this issue you will more confident. Convincing a manager for a raise could be nerve-racking, so you need to have a good preparation.

·        Don’t ask for too much: you need to have a clear cut idea of your expectation. Like what exactly do you want- more money; more perk or both? Your manager is most likely to ask your range as in how much more do you want. So make a calculation of that beforehand as well. But you have to have a flexible mind set during the negotiation. Do not expect to get whatever raise you are asking for. Try to make a win-win situation where you and your boss both feel easy afterwards. Rigid mentality can end up losing the job. I am sure you do not want that unless you have a far better offer waiting for you.

·        Negotiation is the key: It is very important to know how to negotiate when asking for a raise. A good negotiator knows how to establish his position in front of other on a positive manner, and how to keep things with in bound while negotiating. This is a very helpful and important skill that can lead you to a successful conversation with your boss while asking for a raise. If you think your negotiation skill is not good enough you can take help form books, professional coaching session or even from online courses. So make yourself prepare from every possible way.


These are some things to do before asking for a raise. Make a reasonable plan and keep your company’s salary policy on mind. Hope these tips will work for you. Good luck!