Marriage is lifelong relationship. You don't learn everything about in books. Certain things about marriage are experienced in marriage. You keep learning your partner and having new experiences in your marriage until you die. So, if you are preparing to enter into marriage, don't expect to learn everything about marriage online or marriage books or during marriage councils. Certain things will become clearer to you when you live your marriage. Below are some of the facts about marriage that nobody will tell you.

You don't get internal happiness throughout your marriage

Most young people look for partners that will make them to be happy. When they find a person that meets this criterion, they marry immediately. There is no doubt that you will thank your God that you have found a good wife. You will think at the initial time that you will be happy forever. However, surprisingly, you will be surprised to discover that this is not always the case. The person you think that will give you happiness will one day make you to be very sad. Sleep will elude you. You will look at her and will be forced to think that you have made the wrong choice. But this will not last for a long time. As it is said, after rain comes sunshine. When the situation calms down, you will still have reasons to be happy for marrying your partner.

Working harder than you think

Many people marry in order to reduce stress and have somebody to share responsibility with. But this goal is not always realized by many people. Most married people put up more energy and spend more time working in order to earn more money to take good care of themselves and their families. So, the dream of getting a helper and reducing ones work is never realized in many marriage. Marriage increases your expenses and your domestic chores. With increase in responsibility and expenses, you will be under more pressure to make ends meet. So, you will do more work and get more stress. This is one fact that you may not find in most books about marriage.

Your sexual urge will not be satisfied always

Many young people marry so as to satisfy their libido. They think that when they marry, they will be able to give their libido what its wants anytime. But the reality dawns on them when they marry. They will discover that they don't always have it when they want. Sometimes, many couples pick quarrels with their partners involving third parties simply because they are denied sex by their partners. So, don't expect to have it always or anytime you want.

You can only change yourself

If you think that you will change your partner when you marry him or her, then you are making a grave mistake. What you cannot make your partner to change when you are courting him or her, you will not be able to change it during marriage. You can only change yourself.