Virtually, every woman will like to be very close and familiar with her husband to extent that she will be very free to talk about anything with him or discuss any issue with him. However, no matter how familiar and close you are to your husband, you should be very careful with what you say to him otherwise you may pay some price of too much familiarity. This does not mean that you should be afraid or shy away from discussing pressing issues with him or telling him the truth. It simply means that you should be mindful of the words you use and the manner you talk to your husband. Naturally, men feel offended and can react when they feel they are despised or disrespected. Here are certain things that you should not say to your husband.


You are the same with your father

A psychotherapist, Julia Orlov advised women not to say such a thing to their husband especially when the comparison is based on a negative character or attribute. Such a statement may be misinterpreted as an insult not just to the husband but to the family. For example, if your father in-law is the type that does not shower before going to bed and your husband is showing similar character, you should not make any comparison between him and his father when discussing such issues with him. There are many polite ways of saying such a thing without bringing in the father or any member of the family. You can invite him in a romantic way to join you in the bathroom.


When Will you Find a New Job


Issue of job is a sensitive one in a certain aspect. Such a statement may not mean anything in some circumstances but under certain situations, it may a lot and can be interpreted as insult. Your motives of asking such a question determines whether it is insulting or not. If you are asking it because you don't like the earning of your husband or because he has not been able to provide for all your earning, then it can be interpreted as insult because the statement can mean that you are not happy with the way he is providing for the need of the family. According to Ford, one of the ways a man evaluates himself is the extent he can provide for the need of the family. So, telling him that he is not doing enough can be a blow to him and he may not take it lightly or it can affect his ego. You can avoid this or avoid making it to be an insult by talking about the careers of both of your, your expectation, aspiration and issues concerning budget.


You mother already warned of this

Telling your hubby what his mother warned you of about him or his attitude means that you are infuriated or not happy with him during discussion or argument. You are using statement to justify yourself or your own position. However, Orlov advised against that. Saying such a thing to him is a way of telling him that you are neither on his side or on the side of the relationship you have with him. If there is an aspect of him or any of his attitude that you don't like, you should find a way to discuss that with him rather than taking side with another person that finds similar fault in him.


Just leave it, I'll take care of it


If your husband offer to help you or do something for you, it is not advisable for you to tell him to leave it and that you will take care of it. Such attitude can be hurtful in two ways. In the first instance, it plays down on the man's desire to be the provider and support of the family especially his woman. Every man derives joy in doing things for his family and wife. It is natural to all men and so if you deny him a chance to do that, he may not like it. Secondly, nothing can be demeaning for a man to be told that his efforts are sub-par or for a man's effort not to be appreciated.