The divorce process is always very difficult. If you have known any person that has gone through the process, ask the person and you will marvel at what are involved in the process. The tension is always high. This explains why some couples make mistakes or take poor decision regarding their divorce cases. In order to avoid making costly mistakes when filing for a divorce, there are some dos and don’ts to observe.

Reduce your expenses and debt

Divorce process is always costly. Besides paying for the lawyer’s fee and other legal bills, you may also have to hire a counsellor to guide you on how to cope with your condition. You will still have to run your house, take care of your personal needs and clear all your bills. If you have children, you and your partner will still be providing for their daily needs. So, it is important that you limit your expenses and reduce your debt so that you will have enough money to handle the divorce process.

Don’t be quick to settle

Possibly, you may be desperate to get a divorce. However, your desperation should not cause you to forgo your financial security. Make copies of your pension statements, mutual fund statements, brokerage, tax forms and other important financial documents. By gathering and making copies of all your financial documents, you will know exactly what you have. You can reach agreement with your partner on how the children will be taken care of. If both of you agree on what to do, you can file for uncontested divorce or opt to settle outside the court. But when no agreement is reached between both of you, you have to open legal proceedings for your divorce. But in all, ensure that you and your children (if any) will have access to medical care during and after divorce.

Take note of the taxes

Most couples only think of child custody and spousal support forgetting the taxes. Normally, the person that wins the child custody keeps the house. But keeping the house is not always the best deal especially to a person that cannot pay the mortgage, maintain the house and pay taxes for the house. So, if you cannot pay your taxes, mortgage and maintain a house, it is better to opt for investment portfolio of equal value instead.

Make sure that you see a therapist

Some couples going through the divorce process refuse to visit a therapist. This is not the best thing to do. A therapist will help you to go through the emotional stress and trauma associated with divorce. If you hire a therapist, you will be able to pass through the divorce process successfully. Some therapists are experts in guiding couples passing through divorce. They will be able to advice you on how to relax, remain calm in the court, talk with your children during and after the process, how to relate with your partner during and after the process and many more. So, you should ensure that you see a therapist.