There are a good number of products in the pharmacies that are sold both under prescription and over the counter too with the indication that they are good for hyper pigmentation treatment. The over the counter products are not only in the pharmacies but also on the shelves of supermarkets as well as in the hands of hawkers. This brings a lot of confusion especially to a patient who is so worried and is impatient to follow the right steps to get rid of these spots.

A product by the name hydroquinone crème is one of these products that have been associated with hyper pigmentation treatment for quite some time now. Ointments that are made of hydroquinone are basically meant to stop your skin from producing melanin. Without combining it with any other product during hyper pigmentation treatment, the skin will ultimately become less colored due to continuous shedding off of worn out cells. On the other hand, you can use a combination of hydroquinone product together with other whitening products for faster results in hyper pigmentation treatment.

Most of the hydroquinone products usually have additional compounds for lightening your skin which include glycolic acid, koiic acid, vitamin C, retinoids, tretinoin among others. Hydroquinone is an over the counter remedy for hyper pigmentation treatment and using it may pause a challenge if you are not carefully advised. A point to note is that you should not apply the product on the whole face but only on the affected region. This is to avoid whitening of other unaffected regions of the body.

Other products used in hyper pigmentation treatment include retinoids. The most preferred retinoids ought to have Differin and Retinin-A. These products are primarily formulated from tretinoin, tazarotene and several other sources. Retinoids may be preferred by many simply because they are not only used in hyper pigmentation treatment but are also good in the treatment of acne. Their mode of action is through the raising of the rates of cell turn over which needs some time. This means that when going through hyper pigmentation treatment by the use of retinoids, it is important for you to be patient for a couple of weeks before you can register best results.

Cosmetic products are also not left behind in hyper pigmentation treatment. Products that have glycolic acid as their primary ingredient are always capable of wiping out the colorations on the skin. Glycolic acid action is always steady enough for hyper pigmentation treatment taking between only one to two months to give you back your revitalized skin. Products having glycolic acid are available both as prescriptions and over the counter and they come in soap, cream, lotions, pastes and many other forms.

Azelaic acid is yet another active ingredient for hyper pigmentation treatment. Application of azelaic acid aids the cells on the affected area to recover faster. This is because it simultaneously reduces the inflammation of the skin. This is a more robust product than hydroquinone products and is found only in prescription form. It is also credited for not only being good for hyper pigmentation treatment but also for the treatment of chronic acne. For faster and better results, azelaic acid can be combined with retinoids whenever you are undergoing hyper pigmentation treatment.