A lot of women go into the wrong relationships with the wrong men. Being a woman, you are the one they walk up to and tell how much they love you. Whom you say yes to is who comes in. Knowing the right man for you might seem difficult but not as a horse passing through the eye of a needle. What are required of you are caution, wisdom and patience if you wish to find true love. True love is detected by the way it comes. So has he come into your life the right way?


There are some necessary procedures that a man must not shortcut when starting a relationship with you. The vitality of these protocols is brought about by the aid they lend in making the most favourable decisions about the relationship – to say “no” or a “yes.” The protocols include:


1. He should get to know you

Practically all relationships in which love exist never started with love at first sight. In fact, I don’t believe in that. This man in question getting close to you is the starting point. Here, observe whether he is that man that only wants to spread his luck wide. He shouldn’t spend so much time with you on the first meeting. Let him make everything brief and to the point. Let him get to know your name and never forget to know his. A man who gets off on the wrong foot on the first meeting with you might just not know how to treat a woman. 


2. He should offer to take you out

If he really has an interest in you, then he must find time to be with you. While he is with you, he must endeavour to show you how much of a gentleman he is. Do he know how best to treat a woman? Is he acting as if he does not know this is a pretty good chance for him to create that very first impression? He should enquire to know more about you. Also do not let him leave without more about him, his family background, what he does for a living and all that stuff. As a matter of fact, yours is supposed to come first before his. Do more of the listening than the talking. 


3.  He should be making his intentions known now

A man who has the intentions of proposing to you is likely to do that within this period. After you men have hanged out two or three times, it’s high time he moved into the second stage of his mission. There is no special place meant for men to propose to a woman. All he need to do is take you to a very quiet place; a place where only the birds of the sky will be his witness. All he should do is verbally let you know his true feeling towards you looking into your eyes. If he is really in love with you, he is sure to give you all the time in the world to think about it.


4.  Let him prove it

If there is one thing you should be doing right now, it is ascertaining the sincerity in the sweet promises he made to you before or after proposing to you. Now is the right time for him to prove his love to you. He might begin to call you more regularly in anticipation for an answer which he would hope will be positive but if he knows what you should be bothered about right now, he would ensure he plays his cards well at this decisive point.


A real man does not come into a woman’s heart through the back door. The task of breaking into a woman’s heart is a test of bravery and confidence which every man must pass to get a real woman. These two qualities you need in your man.