Statistics have shown that women file for divorce more than men. Many people may not know the reason why most of the divorce cases in court are filed by women. The reason for this is how women react to marital issues. Women normally file for divorce when they are not happy in marriage. Though some of them may try to endure some difficulties in marriages while a good number of them are not able to cope with marriage issues and thus they prefer to break up and look for a better alternative. But these divorces cases reveal the common reasons why women file for divorce or leave their husbands more than men do. Here are some of the reasons why women leave their husbands.

Mental cruelty

One of the reasons why women leave their husbands is as a result of mental cruelty. They are emotionally not balanced because they are emotionally abused. You may think that they reason why they are emotionally abused or disturbed is because of their husband's inability to turn them around or drive them crazy. It is simply because their husband are not available when they need them. Their husbands are indifferent to them. They did not pay attention to them and neglect them. Their relationship lacks communication. If you are not available for your women or if your relationship lacks communication, you should prepare to lose your woman. Make sure that you are always available to your woman so that she will not be feel emotionally abused.


Neglect is another reason why women leave their husbands or file for divorce. Neglect here is different from lack of availability. It is much more than lack of availability. It is complete physical and emotional estrangement. Neglecting your wife completely as described above means that you are making your wife to be totally a single woman. She is living as an unmarried woman. Men who are working far from home are normally guilt of this problem. If the nature of your work requires that you stay away from home for weeks or months, you should make effort communicate with your wife. Maintaining contact with her via the phone. 

Infidelity, alcohol and drug abuse, fraud and other criminal behavior 

Unwanted and criminal behavior such as infidelity, fraud, drug abuse and the likes are other reasons why women divorce their husbands. But these behaviors do not normally result in divorce or marriage. The major reason why women leave their husband are reasons relating to neglect.