There is no doubt that there are many married couples who did not have any wedding ceremony. They just got married and forgot about the wedding. One of the major reasons why many people kick against wedding nowadays is because of the high cost of organizing a wedding ceremony. According to these individuals, it is not economically wise to wed. It is better to use that money for another thing altogether. Some people did not wed simply because they don't think that wedding is important for them. They believe that once they have performed the necessary marital rites, there is no need doing other wedding ceremonies. But the truth is that wedding is very important given its aim. Below are some of the purposes of wedding that you should know.

Wedding celebrates marriage

Wedding by definition refers to a marriage ceremony. In other words, it is a ceremony organized to celebrate a marital relationship. Marriage is a very important type of relationship socially and legally approved in all cultures. It is through marriage that families are traditionally established. It makes the perpetuation of human race possible. Such important type of relationship needs to be celebrated. Therefore, one of the major purposes of wedding is to celebrate marriage. Wedding celebration is one of the most important celebration in people's life. Nobody puts his or her wedding celebration on a low profile. In some cultures, the ceremony and celebration goes on for days while in some cultures it is cerebrated only for a day. Nowadays, there are certain parties that form parts of wedding ceremony. Such parties are engagement party, bachelorette party and others. 

Showcasing of the couple

Wedding ceremony is a veritable occasion for showing one's bride to his friends, loved ones and family members. It is always a great day for the bride. She is at the centre of the occasion and all attention is given to her. She is always on her best attire because it is her day. The groom having shown her will be proud to show her to all his friends on the wedding day. On the other hand, the wedding ceremony is also a great opportunity for the friends of the bride and her family members as well as the loved ones to know the husband of their daughter and friend. In other words, the purpose of the wedding ceremony is to showcase the couple to their friends and relative. The friends of the bride and her relatives will know the groom of the bride while the friends of the groom and his relatives will know his bride.

Exchange of marital vows

The marital vows and other ceremonies surrounding weddings are nowadays performed during the wedding ceremonies. So, the core of any marital relationship is the promise of eternal love the couple exchanged between themselves. Without the marital vow, marriage becomes a contract which can be cancelled at anytime or when one likes. But marriage is not a contract.

From the above, you can see why you should not skip your wedding ceremony.