Marriage is one aspect of culture that is common to every society. There is no society that has no marriage institution even though there may be some differences the way it is celebrated in the various cultures of the world. It is a lifetime commitment and lifetime time relationship. Marriage gives a lot of benefits not just to the individuals entering into it but to the society as a whole. Here are some of the benefits of marriage to both individuals going into it and the society at large.

Establishment of a family

The family as it is said is the smallest unit of a society. It is a very important part of the society even though it is the smallest aspect of it. The progress of any society depends to a greater extent on the progress of the various families that make up the society. If the families are good, the society will be good. This important unit of the society is legally, traditionally and culturally established through marriage. Two adults may be living together and yet they will not be considered as having a family until they are married. This is one of the benefits of marriage to the society at large.

Marriage helps you to live responsibly

There are a lot of behaviors that young people put up that considered immature and irresponsible but they are tolerated simply they are not married. Once they are married, such behaviors will no longer be tolerated and thus, they will be changed. In many societies, married couples behave more mature and responsible than unmarried couples. Cases of drug and alcohol abuse are more common among unmarried individual than among married people. Besides, as a married person, your way of thinking will change.

It provides a real companion

Marriage provides a real companion or soulmate. Definitely, you have friends before you get married. However, they are merely your friends and not companion. Your real companion is your spouse who shares secret with you. You sleep together, plan together, share joys and pains together and make babies together if you wish. But none of your friends will play such a role in your life. There is always a limit to what you can do and share with your friend. But there is no limit to what you can share and do with your spouse.

You get real love

Marriage brings real love between husband and wife. But you will get this benefit if you make the right choice. If you make a wrong choice, it will be hell for you. One thing is being loved and another is getting the fruit of love. In marriage, you will reap and enjoy the fruit of love. Love brings availability, openness, belongingness, sharing, faithfulness, happiness and the likes. If you marry somebody that loves you, these fruits of love will be yours.

Shared responsibility

When you get married, your spouse becomes your partner. This means that you will have somebody to share responsibility with.

Have a happy old age

Definitely, you and your partner will get old. When you become old, your children will look after you very well. Besides, your grandchildren will also give you some happiness and joy anytime you see them.

You get a helper

When you marry, your spouse will be your helper. If both of you are working, you will get help in financial matters. 

The above are some of the benefits of marriage.