Reverse osmosis water filtration system is a type of filtration system that rejects impurities and contaminants from entering drinking by making use of pressure to force water to pass through a semi-permeable membrane. Unlike the normal osmosis process, the movement is from an area of higher concentration to the area of lower concentration. A reverse osmosis water filtration system normally comes with a filter that removes the impurities from the drinking water. A  valve is attached to the supply line of the cold water into a tube which is attached to the pre-filter of the reverse osmosis system.

The pre-filters does not only prevent contaminants from entering dirt, sediment, heavy metals, chemicals like chlorine, fluoride and other from entering into the water, it protects the membrane from becoming fouled and thus extends its lifespan. The membrane also eliminate dissolved impurities when the water flows from the pre-filters through it. Reverse osmosis system is available in a number of types and sizes. Though, they work on similar mechanism, the filtration process of different brands are not the same. Some products also have more features than others. If you require bottled water grade water in your home, you should consider installing in your home. Installing this system in your home will give you some benefits. However, there are also some disadvantages to it. Here are the pros and cons of installing a reverse osmosis system.


Delivering clean water

The major advantage of RO water filtration system is that it prevents about 99% percent of impurities from entering into your water. It can be used to purify both well and city water as well as hard and soft water. The filter will remove heavy metals, dangerous chemicals, impurities and dust from your water. In other words, the water that will be coming out from your faucet will be a well purified water that is of the same grade or quality with bottled water.

Cost effective

If you consider only the cost of purchase of a reverse osmosis system, you may not see cost benefit in purchasing it. But if you consider the fact that you will no longer be purchasing bottled water for your family consumption, you will realize that you made a great gain and that your decision to install a reverse osmosis system in your home is a good. The cost of purchasing bottled water can be very expensive but if you have the system install in your home, you will save a lot of money on yearly basis.

Enhances your health

When you drink good water, you will remain healthy. A lot of infections are gotten through water. So, by drinking good water, you will not fall sick and you will cut cost on medical bills.


The measure disadvantage of RO is that it may remove some of the important minerals in water that are beneficial to the body and which make water to taste great. However, some products now come with features that add minerals to the water.


The use of reverse osmosis can result in wastage of water. However, water wastage does not occur in all system. There are some products that are strongly made and equipped with features that prevent wastage of water.