The bond most often between the mother and the daughter is very strong. This relationship needs to be strengthened and even improved. This is because it will have a profound effect on the future of the daughter so to say. Experts have advocated for this bond improvement and are doing everything possible to encourage mothers to acquire the knowledge. Age by age, the mothers must learn new skills to relate, strengthen and sustain the bond between them.


Different daughter levels and mother-daughter bond

1. When the daughter is between 3 to 6 years old. At this level, the daughter is gradually learning what a girl is and also learning to notice the difference in both sexes. The mother is encouraged to be sensitive to the demands of the daughter. The mother is expected to let the daughter be accustomed and identified with feminine characteristics. The daughter by this will learn much more and will get to develop her inner world.


2. When the daughter is between 6 to 9 years old. Many expectations are required from the girl such as thinking activity, creativity, performing and producing activities. This can be used to appraise the weakness or strength of the girl. If the girl is the weak type, this result may weigh her down and she may see herself as not good enough. The mother should try to encourage the girl that she can do it and that she can achieve excellence. The mother should let the girl know that her performance is not dependent on the care and love you have for her.


3. When the daughter is between 9 to 12 years old. This level is very crucial. The girl meets with new friends. She may experience disappointment from friends and also may need to make new friends as well. The mother is expected to step in here. The daughter must be prepared to guard herself and be ready for the challenges and realities of life. The girl in question must be ready to cope with disappointments and also must be able to learn from her previous experiences so that she can forge ahead. The mother must be there as and when due. If the mother is able to provide this service for the daughter, the bond between them becomes stronger and cannot be broken at all.


4. When the daughter is 13 years old and above. This level is also very delicate as the child is almost fully exposed to the society. The girl will experience puberty, pressures from her peers, sexuality, drug abuse, smoking, alcohol and the likes. The daughter needs the mother to be around her and be available. It is necessary for the mother to tutor her on menstrual cycle, how to relate with the opposite sex, danger of abortion and many more. The mother is expected to set some limits and give some cautions to the girl. At this stage, she needs a parent, but not a friend. But the mother can be both a friend and a parent. The bond becomes stronger.