Over the time, a deep, even deeper relationship has been observed to exist between a mother and a girl child than a male child counterpart. The mother loves all her children, but has special link and interest with the girl child. The closeness is independent of the age of the daughter. In most cases, as a result of this relationship, there is usually information flow between the mother and the daughter in such a way that the father is left out. This relationship is such that it has a profound effect on the daughter.

If the relationship is positive, then expect a positive effect on the daughter. If it is negative, expect same on the daughter. In order to make the world a better place, experts have advocated for a way to improve the closeness between the mother and the daughter. This will enable us to get a positive impact on the daughter and of course better result for the society. This article will examine some ingredients that will facilitate better improvement of this relationship.  

Major ingredients to improve mother and daughter relationship

1. Encourage mutual communication. The mother is encouraged to make communication not only easier, but to ensure it is done almost as a daily routine. The relationship could be hampered when the mother is too busy not to create time and enabling environment for discussion. Sometimes the daughter may be passing through some trauma and the burden may be too much to carry for her. And so she will be in dire need of someone to share the burden with especially the mother in this case.

2. Respect and understand her. It is good for the mother to understand and accept the person of your daughter. This is to avoid unreasonable disagreement. If your daughter is temperamental or slow to understand something, the mother is expected to be able to come down to her level during discussion. If you cannot accept her the way her make-up is, then it is very hard to have the daughter you desire in her.

3. Express real and undiluted parental affection. It is very germane to show parental care and affection to your daughter. Tell her how much you love her, how much you are privileged to have her as a daughter, tell her that you are proud of her. Kiss her, hug her and say some sweet things to her. Have a hand in her physical, emotional and educational development. Put your words into action so that she can be confident that you truly love her and that you will be willing to go extra-mile for her.

4. Avoid nagging but praise her when necessary. Many mothers are accustomed to continuous nagging every now and then. When she does something stupid, simply correct her and obtain her promise that she will not repeat that same habit again. Nagging is not the way to correct. Don’t forget to praise her when she does something praiseworthy. The relationship becomes stronger and grows into maturity.