Many couples got engaged before entering into marital union. The practice of engagement as an agreement to marry did not start today. It is one of the age-long practices that continued till today. Engagement ceremony forms part of a wedding ceremony. It is an important stage in a couple's love story which culminated in their wedding. This is because the story or the entire love journey becomes meaningful and well defined once the two individuals agree to marry each other. Such an important ceremony or chapter in a person's love story should not be put on a low profile. Unfortunately, some couples do not take their engagement very serious. Some people have nothing to show for it. They did not deem it wise to take engagement photos. Not taking the engagement photos is a big omission and thus, every person should make effort not to make such omission. If you are getting engaged, you should try to take some engagements photos. It will give you some benefits. Even if you have no money to hire a photographer, you can also take some shots by yourself. Here are some of the reasons why you should take engagement photos.


Making your wedding preparation easier

Preparing for one's wedding can be tiresome because there are a lot of things to arrange in order to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Some couples forget essential things despite making sincere efforts to ensure that things go well. Taking engagement photos will help to take some load of your shoulder during your wedding ceremony. Definitely, you would want to know how taking engagement photos will help to make your marriage preparation less burdensome or stressful. One of the things that you will do as you are preparing for your wedding is to hire a good photographer to take shots of important moments during your wedding ceremonies. Finding good photographer can be tricky and tiresome. But you will not be passing through that stress again if you are able to find a good photographer to take shots during your engagement. If the photographer take powerful photos, you will definitely re-hire the photographer. Most businesses including photographers give discounts to clients or customers that are coming back. So, you are most likely going to get discounts if you are re-hiring the person. 


Perfect memorabilia

Photos are good memorabilia. If you want to keep memory of your engagement day, then you should consider taking engagement photos. Anytime you look at your engagement photos, you recall how you started with your partner and how eventually you proposed to her or how surprised you are when he finally asked the question and how happily and gladly, you gave the reply. You can easily lose the memory of this happy moments in your love story if you have no engagement photos. When you are dating your partner, you have secret places that you normally met. Most couples got engaged in their secret meeting place.  If you take engagement photos, you will still remember this place whether it is still there or it has been demolished or renovated. You can tell your children stories about how the place were during your dating period or when you were meeting there and the changes that have occurred. Your engagement photo will help you to narrate such stories.


Sending them as gifts

Engagement photos are also used as gifts. You can make many copies of your engagement photos and then send to your loved ones, colleagues, well wishers, family members and parents. They will surely be happy to receive such gifts from you.


Designing your wedding invites with your engagement photos


Most couples today customized their wedding invites and add engagement photos or important photos in their lives. Adding your engagement photos in your wedding invites is a veritable means of briefly telling your guests about your relationship, that it was not accidental, but something that has been on for sometime. Besides, adding them to your wedding invites will also help to make the invites look awesome especially if they are designed and printed by experts. Besides adding them in your wedding invites, you can also use them to do a lot of things. You can create collage or a wall art with your engagement photos and hang it at a strategic location in your living room or bedroom or in your office. The photos will always remind you of your youthful age.


From the above, it is evidently clear that engagement photos are very useful. So, make sure that you take some photos during your engagement. Your wedding photos are not enough evidence or memorabilia for talking about your love life or love journey. Your engagement will remind you of many important moments of your relationship.