Definitely, a lot of people will be surprised to read a heading 'The Health Benefits of Chewing Gum.' The question that will immediately come to their memory is 'does chewing gum give any health benefit at all.' If you are among such people, then this article is for you. It has been proved through a number of researches that people that chew gum obtain a lot of health benefits. Here are some of the health benefits of chewing gum.

Memory enhancement

According to psychologists, chewing gum improves memory and enhance cognitive ability. Research conducted in this regard showed that the scores of people that chew gum during were better than the scores of those that were not chewing any gum. As you are chewing gum, you are moving your jaw continuously. This constant moving of the jaw helps to increase the activity in the brain part that enhances memory, the hippocampus. As indicated by some research, the insulin receptors in the hippocampus helps in aiding memory. Besides, the glucose level in the body increases as well when one chews gum. Glucose could be referred to as the fuel igniting the body and mind. Another reason why research believe that chewing gum improves memory is that its helps to produce more oxygen, expel carbon dioxide. This helps to enhance memory.

Chewing gum relieves stress

It has been discovered through a recent research that the rhythmic motion made as one chews gum relieves the symptoms of stress because it satisfies the feeling and helps to get a person relaxed. It is because of this effect of chewing gum that some teachers advise their students to chew gum when they are having test as it will help them to increase their concentration and alertness. It can aid in the release of nervous energy and reducing tension. It can create a channel of getting rid of irritation and frustration.

Chewing gum has some weight loss effect

Chewing gum is a type of snack but it does not contain much calorie. People chew gum as shown in some studies consume 36 calories less of the snack people that do not chew gum. If you are chewing gum, your cravings for junks and high calorie snacks will reduce and you will eat less. 

Chewing gum enhances digestion

When you are chewing gum, your body will produce more saliva which contain digestive enzymes and this will facilitate digestion of food. Besides, chewing gum enhances intestinal motility. People that chew gum are less vulnerable to acid reflux because of frequent swallowing which prevent acid reflux from going up to the esophagus.

Chewing gum enhances the oral and dental health

It has been demonstrated through research that chewing gum enhance the oral and dental health. First, more saliva is produced when you are gum and this helps to clean your teeth and prevent food particles and sugar on the teeth from forming plague. Besides, it is a form of exercise for the dental and oral organs, tissues, cells and muscles.  It also freshens breath.