This article follows very simple procedure to analyze the secrets of facial beauty. The basic principles will be highlighted. The different kinds of facial categories or facial skin categories will be examined. Their common problems and the best basic solutions to ensure the said beauty is seen on the so called face. Without much ado, let us get down to work.


Different facial categories with common problems and basic solutions

1. Beauty clues for a skin that is oily. This category of facial skin can be somehow hard to maintain, but when the necessary solution is applied, the charming and the glittering facial appearance will emerge.

Its common problems: the common features of the problem are the frequent blemish and acne just like the dark spots, black heads etc. Similarly, the skin pores are visibly enlarged and the facial skin is ultimately characterized with a dull appearance. This is due to the excess production of oil in the skin.

Suggested solutions: if your facial skin is in this category, hope is not lost. Just ensure that you maintain a very good healthy diet like fruits and vegetables. Howbeit, avoid foods that contain oils and fats so as not to increase the oil production. Furthermore, do not be tired to clean your face regularly at any point in time when you experience oil on your face.


2. Beauty clues for a skin that is dry or semi dry. A dry facial skin is not to be exempted and neglected. Someone with a dry or semi dry facial skin easily gets uncomfortable most especially during the cold and winter seasons. Proper facial care must be given to such face to bring out its beauty.

Its common problems: its prolong neglect makes the skin to wrinkle and become, the more brittle as the person ages. Such skin texture may be somewhat flaky, dull and or granulated. Do not be scared. The joy is that there is a way out.

Suggested solutions: during your shower, try to avoid very hot or hot water. In the same vein, it is germane to apply a good quantity of moisturizer to your face. Having done that, gently use a soft towel to pat dry your face. You will not believe the result because it will be amazing!


3. Beauty clues for a combination of dry skin and oily skin. Sometimes a facial skin could exhibit the features of both the oily skin as highlighted above and dry skin as stated above.

Its common problems: sometimes one skin problem may show dominancy than the other which may also depend largely on the climate conditions. The dryness may cause itching and some coloration on your cheeks while the oily one may manifest large pores.

 Suggested solutions: ensure that your face is always clean to prevent any form of infection or whatsoever. It is recommended that you visit dermatology to prescribe the best moisturizer and some other things that you may apply to the face.