Parental impact on the development of the child is very important and cannot be over-emphasized. The parenting style adopted by the patents will speak volume about the development of the child, including the child’s future as well. Experts and researchers in the field of parenting have identified about four dimensions to parenting. These are disciplinary dimension, warmth dimension, communication dimension, maturity and control dimension. These four cardinal dimensions have given rise to the four parenting styles which will be discussed here under. As you read, you get to know where you belong.

The four cardinal parenting styles


  • Permissive parenting style

This style of parenting is often referred to as the indulgent parenting style. The parents who use this style have very little or almost no demands to require of their children. These parents rarely use disciplinary measures to correct their wards as a result of little expectation of self-control and maturity. The permissive parents may be less demanding, but it can be said of them that they are very responsive and are not traditional. They are very lenient and free and encourage freedom for their wards. They communicate the more with the children just like a friend rather than like parents.


  • Authoritarian parenting style

The authoritarian parents are completely autocratic. When these parents give orders like the military, they expect their wards to obey without any questioning. And any attempt for the child to disobey the strict rules and regulations will tantamount to the appropriate punishment. Many of the autocratic parents are just not ready to give any explanation behind the strict rules. Unlike, the permissive parents; authoritarian parents are not responsive but heavily demanding. They have no iota of remorse for their being autocratic. They believe the wards have no choice other than to stick to the rules of the game.


  • Uninvolved parenting style

As the name implies, the uninvolved parents are majorly not involved in the development of the child. The uninvolved parents are known to just provide the daily or basic needs of the children and they fizzle out of the remaining aspect of the children. The parents under the discussion are low responsive with little or no demands. This is as a result of their nature. In addition to this, they have very slim or no communication with their children. They are no readily available to the children, especially in terms of emotions. Their dictum is anything goes.   


  • Instinctive parenting style

Some people refer to this parenting style as the old school style. One way of describing this style is your personal parenting style. This personal parenting style is influenced by virtue of your personal experience as you were brought up and or what you feel about parenting. So you end up parenting just exactly the way you were parented. This is because you cannot parent or teach what you do not know. Instinctive parents usually do not seek to parent better, but make use of the way they were parented whether good or bad.