So far so good, experts have been able to identify about four general parenting styles viz a viz – the authoritative parenting style, permissive parenting style, uninvolved parenting style and authoritarian parenting style. These parenting styles are known to have one or more effects on the development of the children. Each of the parenting style will be considered as we mention the effects they have on the children. Extensive research was done to consider the possible effects of these parenting styles.

Permissive parenting style

This parenting style was researched to give rise to children who are less happy in the society and also have a challenge with self regulation. The children brought up in this manner are said to have poor academic performance. In addition to these, they are not likely to do well as a leader. They cannot effectively and efficiently manage any position of authority.

Uninvolved parenting style

The children that fall under this category are usually termed unfortunate. This is revealed in all the aspect of their lives. They are not successful in nearly every aspect of human endeavour. They have no self control, even self esteem and generally are not competent and less compared with their peers.

Authoritarian parenting style

By virtue of the style used to raise them, they are seen to be much more obedient, effective, proficient and efficient. Some of them may prefer to work in the army because they are used to taking orders. Well, they seem to be less happy and lack social interaction.

Authoritative parenting style

By virtue of the democratic nature of this parenting style, the products from this parenting style tend to stand out from all other parenting style. They are happy and are known to be successful in almost all facets of life.

Why do parents generally use the parenting style they deem fit?

Inspite of the fact that authoritative parenting style is seen to be the best – producing children which rank to be the very best in almost all aspect of life; many parents are not observed using this very parenting style. Some of the reasons parents make use of other parenting style is not far-fetched. The reasons range from religion, culture, the level of education, size of the family, the background of the parents in question, socio-economy and many other reasons. Some parents have different goals of what they want to achieve through the children.

We can say that in a family, the father and the mother in most cases have different parental background and up-bringing. They therefore combine whatever parenting style they have to raise the child. For an example, the father may display the authoritative parenting style while the mother favours the permissive parenting style. In this case, it is germane to say that parents (that is both the father and mother) are expected to not only identify critically each parent’s parenting style but are also encouraged to learn to combine the several elements of their unique style of parenting in order to have a proper cohesive approach.