Land pollution has terrible effects on human and animal in general and to our environment. This is the reason why we should do everything possible to fight against land pollution. There is the tendency for some people to think that the effect of land pollution and other forms of pollution will not touch them and their families. This is actually far from the truth. Nobody is free from it. This is why the fight against land pollution requires concerted effort. Here are some of the effects of land pollution.

Offensive odor

Land pollution is one of the major cause of offensive odor in the society. The heap of refuses by the roadside or in the landfill will gradually begin to decay. As it decays, it produces gases that are do not only damage the atmosphere but also produces offensive odor. The odor oozing from the landfill and refuse dumping site is very offensive. Besides, it also pollutes the air we breathe. The gases that produce this odor are dangerous to the health.

Respiratory problem

As mentioned above, the gases generated in the landfill are not good for human and wildlife breathing. For example, carbon dioxide which is the waste product of respiration may be generated in the landfill. It is not good for human inhalation. In other words, land pollution exposes us to these gases. When we inhale these gases, the enter into our lungs. Gradually, the lungs will be affected. 

Destruction of animal and plant life

Just as exposition to and inhalation of dangerous  gases affect us, so does it affect affect other living being like animals and plants. When the animals inhale the gases released from refuse dumps, it will affect the quality of their life. The same applies to plants in the bush. Besides, the dumbing sites and landfills reduce the habitat of these plants.

It prevents the proper use of land

We make use of empty lands for a number of things such as building of parks, estates, agriculture and others. But the dumping of refuse in empty lands and landfill consume large amount of plots of land which would have been used for other purposes.