Getting married brings a lot of advantages to the individuals involved in it. But as normal in life, there is always another side to a coin. What has an advantage also has a disadvantage. Marriage is not exception. If you are preparing to enter into marriage, don't expect to have it rosy overtime. Here are some of the disadvantages of getting married.

Increase in monthly expenses

Getting married and making babies bring joy but they increase your financial expenses. Before getting married, you are only making budget for yourself but now that you are married, you have to include the needs of your spouse in your monthly expense. Sometimes, this can be annoying if you spouse spends too much or more than you do without considering the financial difficulty spending too much will bring the family. The situation is worst if only you or your spouse is working. If you are planning to make babies, your financial predicament will greatly deteriorate when you start raising your children. You may end up not saving a dime.

Living another person's life

When you marry, you are no longer one but two. This means that you are living yourself and the life of your partner. Before, you could do anything you want or that pleases you. You can leave the house when you like and come back when you want  but now, you have to consider your partner. In most cases, you have to sacrifice some comforts in order to accommodate your partner. You may not be free to leave the house and come back when you like. If you continue your lifestyle as a bachelor in your marred life, you are risking a divorce.

You don't have privacy again

Before you get married, you enjoy your privacy. You can do anything without telling any person or seeking for any person's approval. But when you get married, it will no longer be the case. You have to get the approval of your partner before you will be able to do anything. This means that your partner will know everything about your life if you want to life your married life as expected of you. Married life is a life of sharing. So, you share secret with your life.

You become vulnerable to domestic violence

Domestic violence occurs in different ways such as beating, denial, henpecking and many more. If you marry the wrong person or a person with bad character, no matte how you are loved, you are highly vulnerable to domestic violence.

You can become a divorce

You cannot predict with certainty whether your partner will leave for another person no matter how much he or she claims to love you now. So, if you are getting married, be ready to be a divorcee even though it may not happen.

These are some of the disadvantages of getting married.