Everybody is on the lookout for a high paying occupation. There have been many studies aimed to show what the best paying jobs are but some of them only scored high at certain times, with specific economic conditions and technological breakthroughs. Having said that, there are some jobs that always score well in this ranking, independent of economic factors. I will focus this articles on these occupation that always seem to be a good choice. Most of the jobs I will talk about demand a lot of specialized trainings with lots of years spent in school and then as a practitioner, until you get the final degree. That means that you need to expect that at the beginning, when you get started, it won’t seem that glamorous, because the bills for education and equipment will keep on pilling. All you need to remember is that it will pay off in the end, and all that effort will prove worthwhile later on. Narrowing the list to domains we will be able to see that most of the high paying jobs can be found in health care, but also in the judicial and the economic sectors. So, let’s get down to it and see what the best high paying occupations are:

1.    Surgeons. Doctors in general have high paying occupations. Surgeons in particular receive the highest pay in this branch. And this seems fair considering the amount of training they have to go through before they become an attending. Here we have to include the six years of med school which are renowned for their toughness, an internship, a residency and then a fellowship, before you are able to become a full-fledged doctor and practice medicine as an attending. Add all these years up and you will see that there’s no way to become an attending surgeon without at least 10 years of learning and being supervised. Keeping that in mind, the fact that this is at the top of the high paying occupations list mustn’t come as a surprise.

2.    Anesthesiologists. Anesthesiologists have to finish almost the same steps as a surgeon so coming in a close second isn’t a big surprise. Their job isn’t as easy as it sounds, they don’t just make you fall asleep so you don’t feel pain during an operation. Tailoring the anesthetic to every individual so that everything goes smoothly in an operation is a very tricky and nerve racking thing to do. Also an anesthesiologist must always keep track of a patients vital signs during an operation and it’s enough to know that any mistake you make can be fatal to your patient to understand why this job has such a big responsibility, and subsequently is paid that well.

3.    Orthodontists. It is no wonder that this is the highest paying job in dentistry in my opinion. Although this branch of dentistry has developed into a specialty later on, the problems which it has to deal with are very complex, necessitating a very in depth knowledge of every facial characteristics of an individual from bone structure to muscle and nerve placement. This is because this specialty appeared form the need to correct an irregular bite, which can have loads of causes and many possible courses of treatment.

4.    Chief executives. Without a doubt one of the best high paying occupations, that is, if you have leadership skills and nerves of steel. The motive for the big salaries in this field is pretty simple: huge responsibility. Chief executives have to constantly make decisions involving transactions of hundreds of thousands of dollars, numerous workplaces and so on. Everything that happens in the company they run, no matter how small, is in the end their responsibility.

5.    Psychiatrist. I believe this is one of the hardest jobs in the world to do if you are not able to separate yourself completely from your work. Of course the demand is ever growing because the stress we accumulate in our day to day lives is rising constantly, and with that comes a host of mental problems that need to be addressed.

6.    Dentists. Let’s just say it comes as no surprise to me that dentistry is one of the most thought after high paying occupations. The responsibility is not as high as a surgeon, but the pay almost as good.

7.    Lawyers. I believe that everyone agrees when I say that no top of high paying occupations can be complete without mentioning lawyers.

These have been some of the high paying occupations that have been recurrent in the past decade. I believe it is a pretty accurate radiography of what is available on the job market when it comes to getting paid a lot of money. At the same time I must say that there is no easy way of getting any of these jobs, it just takes a lot of hard work.               


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