Looking good is very important. Implementing these techniques will make you beauty-full forever. Every man and woman are expected to lay a special focus on maintaining and improving the beauty of their faces. Find below the techniques that will improve and sustain your beauty as long as you apply them.


Beauty tips

Ø  Ensure that you freeze your eye liner. If your eye liner usually crumbles as you wear it, then I recommend that you freeze the eye liner for about 15 minutes before applying it. Doing it will make the make up to glide along the eye lashes.

Ø  Shave using conditioner. If you run out of shaving cream, apply so much conditioner to your skin for some few minutes so that it will easily make the hair to soften for easy shaving.

Ø  Customize your lashes. You can do this by heating up your lash curler for very few seconds like 7 to 10 seconds in a hair dryer for a flirtier and beautiful eye lashes.

Ø  Your manicure can last more than you think. This is made possible by constantly cleaning your nails with acetone based cleaner. Do the cleaning whether there is any visible dirt or not.

Ø  Wear your sunscreen daily. Research has shown that about 80 percent of the ultra violet ray passes through the cloud. Hence it is advisable to put on the sunscreen at any point in time every day.

Ø  Your elbow is equally important.  Many people leave their elbow out when talking about beauty. Remove dryness from your elbow and make it very soft like the skin of a new born baby by applying bio oil to the elbow.

Ø  Get a foundation brush. A foundation brush is not only economical it also allows for better application. The makeup sponge is not economical in anyway.

Ø  Do not pop your pimples. While some people are of the opinion that you should leave your pimples to ripen and burst by itself without applying anything to it, others say one should apply some ointment. Well, experts have suggested that people apply toothpaste to pimples before going to bed and then wash it with lukewarm water on waking up in the morning. The toothpaste is said to absorb impurities from the pores, dry the skin and then shrinks the pimples. It is necessary to say that the recommended toothpaste is organic toothpaste, but not gel toothpaste.

Ø  Use blotting paper for your oily skin. If your skin is oily as you work through the day, make use of blotting papers. Desist from using powder to soak the oil. Using power will create layers of powder and thus the skin looks like cake! Your best bet is the blotting paper.

Ø  Gently apply perfumes. When you apply perfumes, be sure that it is not too much. This is because you may not perceive the odour, but others may do. So it embarrasses people when the odour of your perfume is too strong.