Many people ignorantly damage their teeth. There are certain things that you do or eat that are not good to health of your teeth. If you have to improve your health condition, you should ensure that you avoid these practices mentioned below. 

Avoid chewing ice with your teeth

There is the tendency for some people to see ice as ordinary and natural water and thus healthy to consume just as it is healthy to drink ordinary water. But this is not actually the truth. If you can damage your teeth by chewing ice or eating frozen cubes. It can also result in toothaches. So, if you want to preserve the health of your teeth, it is advisable you avoid eating or munching on ice.

Eating foods that are too cold or too hot

It is recommended that one should eat their foods when they are hot. A new research showed that drinking cold water constantly will help overweight individuals to reduce weight. However, true the above statements are, it does not suggest that you should eat foods that are too cold or hot. If you eat foods that are too cold or too hot, it will have the same effect ice does have on your teeth when you chew it with your teeth. As it is said, virtue lies in the middle. So, if you want to consume foods that are warm rather than foods that are too hot. If you want to reduce weight by drinking cold water, don't drink or foods that are too cold otherwise, you will lose your teeth very quickly in your effort to lose weight.

Playing sports with no mouth guard

It is very risky to get in the game without any mouth guard if you are playing sports that will bring your in hard contact with another player or sports that may results in falls. The mouth guard is made to offer protection to the upper row of the teeth. If you don't put it one, there is the possibility of your teeth getting chipped during the sports as a result of falls or hard contact with another play. You can either have one made for you by your dentist or buy self-fitting one from a dentist.

Don't give your baby bedtime bottles

You may think that it is too early to care about the dental health of your baby. But as far as your baby's dental health is concerned, it is never too early to start protecting the milky teeth. The protection offered to the milky teeth will also affect the adult teeth. If you give your baby bedtime bottle of juice, you are providing the teeth with sugar which is not good for the health of the teeth. The baby may even sleep with the sugar in his or her mouth and this will worsen the sugar.

Tongue piercing

No matter how trendy, tongue piercing is, it is not good to health of your teeth and thus should be avoided. This is because if you mistakenly bite down on the metal stud, it can injure your teeth. You can even damage your gum when the metal stud comes in contact with the gum. Tongue piercing also increases the risk of infections and sores on the teeth as the mouth is the haven for bacteria.

Avoid grind your teeth

Teeth grinding also known as bruxism during sleep or even when one is awake as a result of stress is not good to the health of the teeth. It can result in teeth wear over time. Masticating hard foods or hard nuts with your teeth can affect the health of your teeth. So, you should also avoid such practice.