Are you getting madly in love for a girl? Or do you want to acquire seducing skills? This article will put you in the right direction. There are techniques for seducing or making seductive passes at a girl. The passes will come first before verbally making your intentions known to the girl.

The techniques will be highlighted below.


Seductive skills at a glance

Seize every opportunity to make an impression. The impression you make at the first contact matters a lot as you will only need to be building on it. The first impression does not necessarily mean the last impression. It must be every time, even when both of you are not physically present. The joker here is that the impression you make must be a good and lasting one. One that her memory will refer to from time to time. For example, when you meet, with a welcoming smile on your face, physically make a complimentary statement like – you look extra beautiful. On the phone, say sweet things to her as well. Even while chatting, do the same. You are gradually sweeping off her feet from the ground.


Pay a close attention to your personal hygiene. The saying that cleanliness is next to godliness, is still in force. No girl wants to associate with a dirty guy. Pay attention to your mouth. Use mouth wash if need be, even after your meal. Be sure to avoid some foods that have the capability of giving a pungent smell. Foods like garlic and onion are in this category. Take a shower as often as you need it. Don’t stay too often in your own sweat. As soon as you return from work, take a shower so that you don’t start smelling. This shower does so much to prepare you for a last minute encounter which may be unannounced. If you work in a place that makes you dirty with dirty clothes, immediately after work even before you get home, take a temporary shower to look clean and at least presentable. This is necessary because the girl may come calling at any time.


Your facial appearance will speak volume. Have a clean shave with a nice hair cut. Your beads must not be too bushy. It must be well trimmed to bring out your handsomeness. Trim your  nails on a regular basis. The nails on the fingers and toes must be kept properly. Some guys who keep long nails may mistakenly use the nail to roughly scratch the girl. The girl may from that time be creating some distance, and that may jeopardize your chance of finally winning the girl. Put some deodorant in your body so that you can smell nine. Especially, those that have body odor are expected to take a shower like two or three times in a day and apply body spray and or deodorant. It is not good to hug the girl only for the irritating smell to emanate from your body and put the girl away.