Talking to Your Children about Safety

In many many countries, individuals are allowed to own and keep guns in their homes insofar as they abide the rules and regulations guiding its usage. Today, many households have guns. However, despite the importance and benefits of having guns in one's homes, the presence of these poses great risk to children. It is therefore important that you explain the possible dangers of gun to your children even if you have no gun. You should also tell them what they are supposed to do when they find a real gun. Before you talk to your children about gun, you should also take the necessary precaution you should take if you own a gun. For example, you should keep your gun in a gun safe if you own any gun. Empty your gun of the ammunition and then keep it locked always.


Differentiating between toys and real gun

The first point to make when talking to your children about gun is to differentiate between real gun and toy. If you allow your children to play with toy guns or to watch movies and TV programs where guns are used, then you have to explain to them that the guns in they see in TVs, movies and their toy guns differ from real gun even though they may look alike. Let them know that real gun and its ammunition can be very dangerous and can kill a person. The earlier they understand the difference between their toy gun, the gun used in the movies and real gun, the better it is for you and them. This is because there is the tendency for some children to think their real guns and their toys are the same and they will play it if they is nobody in the house to stop them.

What to do when they come in contact with guns

The next thing you should teach them is what they are to do anytime they come in contact with guns. Let them know that they should stop whatever they are doing anytime they see a gun. Nobody should get close to the gun let alone touching it. Also highlight the need for them to move away from the place or location the gun is. Then, tell them to let an adult know about the gun and where they saw it. Of particular importance is the need for them not to touch the gun and to leave the area. This is because the trigger of a gun can also be pulled by a child of even 2 years. Some guns come with triggers that can easily be pulled. A child may try to play the adult and picks up the gun in order to keep it properly but may end up injuring himself or herself or another child. They may not be able to differentiate between a loaded gun and one that is not loaded.


If you can do the above, you will be protecting your children from danger.