Everyone craves for peace and the way they express it is through symbols of peace. Peace is the most desired condition in the world, and the same time the most abused condition ever. The world craves for peace – world leaders, individuals, countries, organizations etc, desires this great condition and most often miss it. What exactly could be the problem? Why is it so elusive? Has symbol of peace anything to do with it? If great inventions available today was made possible by man, talk about electronics, automobile, aviation, electricity, transportation, internet, cloning, and so many out of this world inventions could be made by man, why should a simple condition as peace be obviously impossible to attain? What is the role of symbol of peace in establishing peaceful conditions? The entire great attempts ever made in the passage of time to establish or attain peaceful conditions seem to be the very thing driving it further away. Example is US peace keeping force in Iraq, production of weapons of war to fight violence (what an irony), the use of symbols of peace, and many others, in-view-of the rate of success, have failed woefully. Why?


Can peace be attained? Apparently these numerous attempts made by respective authorities have not been successful, the world is thorn into great challenges, wars ever inevitable, diverse diseases including new ones occurring everyday, natural disasters here and there, people turning against one another – friends against friends, brothers against brother, families against families, and so on. The trend is disheartening, it makes one wonder if peace can ever be established in the world today, the love of money has spawn unthinkable attitudes in the heart of man, what is the solution, what roles can symbols of peace play in creating peace in our world?.  


Cause and reason for lack of peaceful conditions – The Christians answer to the question of, if peace could ever be attained very is encouraging, in the bible the condition of peace challenges was recorded, and its origins traced back to the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. (gen. 3), another event that signals the reason for lack of peace is recorded also in the bible:  “but woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short”, (rev. 12. 12c – 12d) could this really be the reason why the earth suffers so much from lack of peace and expressing it through symbols of peace? The reason is justified, or how else can one explain the reason for the increasing upheavals and turbulences despite all efforts to bring peace. Looking at the nature of the devil one is moved to give a resounding capital Y.E.S! The bible again has an answer to the nature and the objectives of the devil on earth, and it is summarized as to: kill and destroy! What is the way forward?


Roles of symbols of peace in creating peaceful conditions- Symbols are very important in human existence, symbols speaks of personality and integrity, like photos it speaks volumes beyond and above oral communication, in other words it is a more effective medium of communication compared to word, and text combined. It is hoped that seeing a peace symbol erected in a place communicates the need for peaceful co-existing more than mere words, what is more it is very convenient and easy to create. There are different types of symbols according to religions, cultures, race, and craft. For instance the Christian symbol of peace among others is a white dove. Let’s sample others:


Symbols of peace:


Anti nuclear emblem: It was designed by Gerald Holtom, at the order of Bertrand Russell the then head of British campaign, as a protest against nuclear war. Read more about  this symbol of peace  here

Dove of peace: The use of dove as a symbol originates from biblical account when God sent a dove to Noah signifying the end of flood rampage on earth. From then the dove was seen as a symbol of peace and used in occasions that demands it, for instance Pablo Picasso after the 2nd world war was notably recorded to have used the dove of peace. Read more about this symbol of peace it here

Peace White Crane: As the dove is one of symbols of peace, the crane is another peace symbol used to express peace, it is used in Asia. This peace symbol is said to come with prosperity and friendship. This symbol gained prominence after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing by nuclear weapons in Japan, a little girl named Sadako Sasaki (suffering from nuclear explosion) implemented her belief that the white crane if folded in thousand pieces could bring luck proceeded to folding one white crane from time to time, in hope for restoration to good health, unfortunately she died but her act became a legend. Read more about this symbol of peace it here

Hand Peace sign or hand gesture: The hand gesture peace sign was aid to have originated from Europe in the process of the 2nd world war, adopted by Winston Churchill. The hand gesture forms a “v” when the index and middle finger is held up, while others are closed. V is a roman figure for “5”- incidentally among Britons, the letter V, and the number 5, where use as sign for freedom call against French revolution.  See this symbols of peace here


There are indeed many symbols of peace, but has it brought about the much needed peace? At least it is an attempt, and hopefully the much needed peace will someday be achieved.




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