As it is said, there is power in words. Sometimes, with words, you can accomplish what you may not be able to accomplish through action even though it is said that action speaks louder than words. In relationships, words can do a lot. It can damage or build up depending on how use them. You can build up strong relationship and make a lasting impression on your wife simply by telling her, sweet things. In the same way, you can destroy a relationship just by the wrong use of words. So, you have to be very careful with what you say to your wife and how you say what have to say. Here are some of the sweet phrases that your wife will like hear and which will help to make your relationship strong.

I love you

If you want to make your wife happy also and also to win her love, respect and trust, you should never let a day pas without saying to her, I love you. Telling her every day that you love her is not repetitive as some people may see it. It is a way of reminding her that you love or assuring her of your love always. This does not mean that you have to be saying it always or even when you are not supposed to do so. May be you can say that to her over the phone any time you call when you are not at home or when you are leaving home for work and then when you can come back from work. In this way, it will not be a routine and repetitive.

You look amazing

Praising the beauty of your wife is another way of showing her that you love her and appreciate your relationship with her. Women naturally want to look good for their husband and also want their beauty to be appreciated. When a woman is married, she makes up for her husband and no longer for any other man. If she wants to buy makeup or perfume, she will first consider the ones that her husband loves most before thinking of other options. This shows that she partly make up for her husband. Appreciating her beauty then will make happy and make her to try more to look amazing for the man of her life. But if you don't appreciate her beauty, you are discouraging her beauty.

You are my best friend

Women naturally want to be the first person in their husband's life. If you count them second in anything, they will not be happy. They will feel that you do not appreciating them or their love and relationship with you. One of the ways of telling your wife that she is number one in your life is to tell her that she is your best friend. Telling her that implies that she is the first person in your life. For a person to be your best friend, it means that you share secret with him or her. There is nothing hidden between you and the person. That is how it should be between you and your wife.

I cannot wait to see you (I miss you)

This is another way of telling your wife that your life is incomplete without her. If you don't miss your wife, it simply means that you don't cherish her companionship. But if you miss her, it means that you cherish her and her companionship. So, you have to let her know that you don't just love her but also cherish her relationship. This will also make her happy. She will respect you and definitely reciprocate the nice gesture.