Strength And Courage Symbols From 12 Different Cultures

Sometimes in life you need symbols to encourage you and keep focused on your goals. You need strength and courage symbols to keep you motivated and at same time take pride in your ambitions and goals. You might want these symbols of strength and courage pasted on your desk, places where they clearly visible or even engraved as a tattoo in your body. In essence these symbols are just a reminder of potent power you posses within you and potential it holds to help you achieve success.


Different cultures have different symbols that signify the belief of the people. Studying them gives a great insight in the way they lived and have used symbol to exhibit their might. Different cultures have different symbols and that include Adinkra symbols, African symbols, Ancient Heraldic symbols, Buddhism symbols, Celtic symbols, Chinese symbols, Christian symbols, Egyptian symbols, Japanese symbols, Kanji symbols, Irish Symbols, Greek Symbols, Scottish Symbols, Mayan symbols, Native American symbols, Reiki symbols, and Tibetan symbols of strength and courage. Some part of it may not be the culture but the idea was to bring forward symbols that portray strength and courage and help you to get a gist on them.


So let’s now talk about each one of these strength and courage symbols from different cultures. Also I have given link that will help you read more about it.


Adinkra Symbols– Adinkra is visual symbols used in Ghana West Africa. The symbols that represent the strength and courage are Okodee Mmowere– represents an eagle, Dwennimmen – represents a ram, and Akofena– show up in form of crossed swords.  They have many other symbols that depict different forms and the complete idea can be found at Adinkra index . These are also known as African Symbols.


Ancient Heraldic Symbols- They don’t represent any specific culture but these symbols associate animals with various attributes like that of strength and power. The animals that signify strength and power include Bear, Buffalo, Cougar, Deer, Stag, Eagle, Golden Eagle, Sea Eagle, Elk, Elephant, Horse, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Panther, Phoenix, Rabbit, Hare, Tiger, Fox, Hawk, Sheep, Ram, Wolf. They are used as symbols with many more attributes and you can know more about them by reading Spirit Guides


Buddhism Symbols- Lion is the Buddhism Symbol for Strength whereas Precious Elephant is a symbol of strength of mind. Both represent a deep meaning in themselves and are used to represent many other forms eg- Buddhism teachings are known as Lion Roar which is itself represent the strength. You can Know more about Buddhism Symbols by reading Brief History Of Symbolism In Buddhism.


Celtic Symbols– Celtic Symbols are also known as Irish Symbols or Scottish Symbols. Celtic Animals like Bull, Bear, unicorn and Griffin is depicted as the symbol of strength and Badger, Bear, Water Dragon, Frog are depicted as symbol of courage. You can read more about Celtic Symbols by reading Celtic Symbols Custom Stamps and Celtic Animals.


Chinese Symbols-The collection of Chinese symbols is very large list. They encompass many aspects like peace, love, art, phrases, family, names, numbers etc. The Chinese symbol for strength is can be read at Chinese symbols for strength. They are also known as Kanji Symbols and you can see the same in different fonts at Kanji Symbol Strength.


Christian Symbols– There is many Christian symbols that represent Christian art, architecture, decoration and worship. The Dove and Ox are the strength and courage symbols in Christian art. You can know more about almost 60 Christian symbols at Christian Symbols A-Z.


Egyptian Symbols– There is many symbols that we can find from ancient Egypt. The Ankh, Scarabs, and The Lotus Flower represent strength in various forms. Frog is the symbol that represents courage in Egyptian symbols format. You can read more about Egyptian Symbols at Egyptian Symbols.


Japanese Symbols– The list of Japanese symbols for strength and courage is quite exhaustive. The word strength derives its meaning not only related to physical strength but even to that of one’s soul. I have separated it from Kanji symbols mainly because of various forms in which it gets pronounced. You can see the list of Japanese Symbols that relate to strength and courage at Japanese symbols for strength and  Courage Kanji.


Mayan Symbols– Mayan Symbols relates to Maya which was an ancient civilization. These symbols relates to central Native American nations. Even today this civilization has more been a mystery. Jaguar is symbol of strength that relate to Mayan Symbols. You can read more about them at Mayan Symbols.


Native American Symbols– There is many symbols that are used in Native American arts and crafts. The bear and turtle are the symbol of strength along with tracks of badger and bear paws. The Eagle and the morning star are the symbols of courage as per Native American symbols format. You can read more about Native American symbols at Native American Designs.


Reiki Symbols– Reiki is definitely not a culture but an art practice developed to reduce stress and provide relaxation. Reiki uses many symbols in its art form and there are some that relates to strength and courage. You can have a look at the Reiki Symbols for Strength at Reiki Symbols Strength Symbols.


Tibetan Symbols – Tibetan symbols are part of the list of Buddhism symbols. They have been talked above under Buddhism symbols. However I still incorporated this part due to its relevance related to tattoos. You can see the way they are written and the symbol at Tibetan Tattoos.


This post provides a start from where you can work towards finding more towards symbols and various other aspects of the above cultures. As illustrated above, the strength and courage symbols are great way to keep yourself aligned to your goals. In addition getting a tattoo or sticking its printout at someplace where you can easily read is also great way to stay motivated.



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  1. I have a symbol around my neck… my friend tells me it is a Talisman from Norway supposed to symbolize courage… it is in the shape of an eagle with a hole in the middle.. but i cannot seem to find it online..

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